The Run Struggle

Yesterday morning I went for my training run and decided to list the commentary inside my head for you here.

  • Why is it so hot and humid at 645am?
  • Running in glasses really bothers me, but I can’t afford contacts every day.
  • I ran in the same clothes I wore to bed….they are a little small.
  • My shirt keeps rolling up and exposing my stomach; I’ll tuck it in to the shorts and just live.
  • My shorts are too short and my thighs are rubbing together.
  • Am I going for time or distance today?
  • What was the dead thing in the road just then?
  • I’m ahead of a 10 min/mile pace.
  • I can’t breathe regularly.
  • My shoes are getting old.
  • Please stop looking at me while I run.
  • We really need a crosswalk at this stop light.
  • Did I hit the lap button or the stop button just then?
  • Shadow girl, I will never catch you!
  • I should write a post about this.
  • Don’t forget the thing about the obliques.
  • Why do black racerback tanks make you look flat chested? Does it matter?
  • What will I need to stretch when I get back inside?
  • How will I fit in a 9 mile run before my husband goes to work without having to get up at 5am?
  • My recovery is always so quick….
  • I am bored with the music on Truffle Shuffle.

There were several times during this run that my body image came into play, especially at the start of the run. I am worried about how people driving by will think of me when they see me flapping in the wind. What if my stomach or my thighs show? Why do these thoughts come into mind? Because I’m still holding on to this image of me as a high school cross country runner. When I could freely and comfortably run in a sports bra and short shorts and feel confident. I am a better runner now than I was then. I am better about training, doing other things than running, and also about stretching and eating well. But now, more than ever in my adult years, I am self conscious as I run.

My body is an amazing thing and gives me so many wonderful gifts in life to move, to work, to hold my children. I need to remember that the worst critic on my body is myself and that my runs are supposed to be that judgement free zone.

Enjoy this post by Anne Poirier at

A Letter from My Thighs: Why Do You Hate Us So Much?

and tell me…..

What do you think about while you run?

Are you your own harshest critic?


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