TOLT # 44 – The Luckiest Girl in the World!

20160102_161821I know it sounds silly to say that I’m the luckiest girl in the world….but when it comes to my glasses this year, I am!

Two tales of glasses lost…..

Earlier this year I lost one of the lenses in the yard….at night. It took a lot of searching to find it and it was one of those moments that makes you believe in something bigger than yourself.

I was outside that Saturday morning and looking along the trees and grass to the side of our backyard. Technically it’s still part of our backyard, but it’s outside the fence and somewhere that we don’t frequent because of the vines etc that grow there. But that’s where I’d lost my lens days before. I kept searching for it, unsuccessfully, each day; and each day was disappointed to have not found it. I was finally starting to believe that I would have to go without or to purchase a new lens to the tune of $80 just months after having gotten new glasses for the first time in 13 years!

I stood there, and in a moment of desperation I did the closest thing to praying that I do…..I pondered. I remembered a summer vacation with my family in Minnesota. We stayed at a resort yearly with my grandparents in the cabin next door. One such summer I lost one of my baby teeth and I was so excited and proud of the event that I carelessly ran next door with the tiny tooth in hand. Out the door I went, down the cement block steps, and across the thin stretch of grass, sand, and dirt to the next set of steps. Only, before I reached the steps I knew it was gone. I froze and began to cry.

My grandfather, who was probably the best person I’ve ever known in my whole life, came outside to see what was wrong. He consoled me and sent me back inside. Then he set to the task of crawling on his hands and knees to find that minuscule white grain. It was one of those bottom front four teeth that amounts to about a piece of rice at that age. He spent a long time out there as I cried in my cabin bed over how the toothfairy wouldn’t know about the tooth; about how I didn’t get to show it to anyone; about being a kid who felt unlucky.

And then my hero came inside with tooth in hand!

So, I stood there in my yard, the morning after a rain, and said to myself…”How is that my grandfather could find that tiny tooth in the sand and the grass and I cannot find a lens in this wet grass?” I assumed, at this point, that an animal had run off with it or a child had broken it. Then, I looked down and to my right and there it lay glistening in the sun and dew.

I felt like my grandfather was with me that day, as I do from time to time. I felt like he laid that lens right at my feet.

But they weren’t safe from harms way…..

On Tuesday this week I went to the beach with a friend and our 4 boys. The two older boys were using boogie boards and I was the designated watcher in the water. One wave too many caused me to faceplant into the sand and under the water. When I came up, panic again set in. My glasses had been washed away into the ocean.

Why on Earth were you wearing your glasses in the ocean?!

Yes, I know it seems like a ridiculous thing to do, but I’m mostly blind without them and I was thinking of the kids! And I felt like a complete idiot after the fact. However, I began searching frantically for them; knowing full well that they were gone for good.

My friend, Gina, came running out to help after she saw what I was doing. The two boys asked why I let the ocean take my glasses and if I thought a fish ate them. They didn’t bother to help look though. Gina and I waded through the sand and waves for at least 12 feet….knowing which way the water had taken us when we were just standing around. Each rough object under my foot was grabbed up hopefully only to be a shell fragment.

Then, as I felt helpless and like true depression might set in on me if I had to come home and figure out how to buy new glasses again, something wrapped around my ankle. I reached down and my glasses were in hand! At that moment a flash of my grandfather came into my mind and Gina hailed me as the luckiest person ever!

I jumped up and down a little holding the glasses up as if I’d just won a gold medal in Rio! And now things seem a little less bleak. Life has its ups and downs. I just need to remember that not only am I lucky to have found my glasses twice, but I’m lucky in life in other ways as well.

I’m lucky to have known and loved my grandfather and had him as a great influence in my life. I am lucky to have two beautiful boys to take to the beach and spend time each day. I have their father, my husband, whom I love and am building a family and future. I have friends who will meet me for play dates, share child watching, and help me insanely look for my lost glasses. And I have my health so that I can run and play with the ones I love.

I’m lucky. Aren’t you?

Thanks Amanda for a little reflective sharing space!

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