Kings of the Weekend

As I said on Friday, I was out of town for the weekend to King, NC for a NETA workshop on Personal Training. I was hosted by the Stokes Family YMCA and was lucky enough to take the hubby on the trip with me. Here’s the highlight reel for the weekend:

Best Workout

On Saturday, after a long day of teaching, I normally workout. However, and maybe it’s the heat, this time I felt like sitting around in the hotel room and watching movies. IT was amazing….until I got the restlessness that always comes with sitting for too long. So, I made great use of the hotel room and started doing body weight exercises. Calf raises, lunges, bridges, clam shells, crunches, twists, bird-dogs. Then I did some yoga stretching and a few cycles of Half Moon to Revolved Half Moon. I finished up with some rotations of Down Dog to Up Dog and deep squats using the side of the desk to help protect the knee that is still giving me some fits. It felt even better than my Friday morning run!

Best Meal

When you travel like I do, you tend to eat out a lot. When I’m alone I can usually find a few things at the grocery store instead of going to restaurants, but when I’m with company it’s restaurants all the way. This time, my favorite meal was Saturday night at Foothills Brewery Pub in Winston-Salem. Maybe it was because I had just worked out, maybe it was the beer that paired so well with the sandwich, maybe it was the fact that I was craving something different. Whatever the reason, my green lentil patty sandwich with roasted red peppers, Gouda, spinach leaves, and dijonnaise on a Kaiser roll, was the best thing I ate all weekend!

Best Beer

hummin birdWe went on a tour of Red Oak Brewery on Friday and then ate at Foothills on Saturday night. I sampled a total of 5 new beers between the two places and it was a hard fight to choose which was the best of the weekend. It was almost a tie between Foothills’ Carolina Strawberry and Red Oak’s Hummin’ Bird Helles and I think the Hummin’ Bird won.


Best Purchase

new purseWe stopped at the Tanger Outlet in Mebane, NC on Friday. I was still in need of a new purse after having bought two in Myrtle Beach in May and returning both. I finally found a keeper at Clarks. So cute, so my style, and so conveniently priced at $20!

Best Workshop Moment

Let’s not forget why I was out this weekend. The workshop went really well overall. The participants in this group were a lot more anxious than other groups I’ve worked with, but I think they were psyching themselves out. My favorite moment of the workshop was when one of the ladies fist bumped me at the end and told me I killed it as a presenter. That’s what makes me feel like I’ve made a real connection with the people I’m working with, helps me feel like I’m making a difference, and is bringing me out of this down place I’ve been in.

What was the best of your weekend?

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