Crushing It!

I love that my Fitness Flashbacks from MapMyRun always tell me that I “crushed” something. Like I’m some kind of fitness giant who pounded the road into submission and tiny little pebbles remained behind my massive footprints. HAHAHAHAHA!

Maybe it’s not normal blog etiquette to write out your laughs like a maniacal scientist who just flipped the switch on your latest creation, but I’m having a good day….so, RULES BE DAMNED! Why such a good day? Well, because I actually got out of bed and ran….again!

Today I could have taken an easier way out. There were two little ones who had crawled into bed with us by the time the alarm went off. My hubby had worked really late and I knew he was going to hit the snooze button. But, I got up and got dressed and started out the door.

Truffle Shuffle was still dead (that’s how I’d left him last Friday) and I didn’t feel like looking for the arm strap for my back up mp3 player that I’d used already this week (Red Baron). I chose to carry Red Baron anyway and started down the street.

I was fatiguing kind of early because of the humidity that is part of the heat dome hovering over this country and has been for the last month, so I considered just doing the 5K-ish course again today. However, I knew I could still complete the 4+ mile run/walk in the time I had left, so I pushed all the way to the turn around. On Monday I had run for the first 15 minutes or so and then started the walk/run cycle home. Today I made it almost 22 minutes.

I had my intervals timed wrong today and I was supposed to walk the last straight away home, but I told myself to run it out anyway. I thought the run was 4.12 miles and that meant that I had to make it home in under 41:12 to make my under 10 min/mile goal. I know that I said I’m running for distance right now, but I still have other goals. I finished in 41:23…..only to realize the run was 4.18!

Is it time to say good-bye so soon?
Is it time to say good-bye so soon?

I came home to my kiddos and husband already up and happy to see me. I felt good, but tight. I stretched, ate, and now I’m here at the computer contemplating getting new shoes.

Things look good today and I feel like I CRUSHED THAT RUN! Can’t wait to see it appear in my Fitness Flashback again 4 years from now!

What’s something you’re crushing right now?

What makes a great day for you?

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