TOLT #45 – That OTHER Time I Didn’t Finish Something

Happy Thursday to All! Three weeks from tomorrow I start back teaching at CFCC and I can’t wait! Summer has been great, but I’m looking forward to meeting new students and serving another purpose (other than lunch maker, playdate scheduler, and shuttle bus) on the regular. I LOVE being at home with my kids, but I also got a Masters degree so that I could use it.

Anyway, today I’m linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for another of her infamous TOLT posts. So, check out her site and all of the other great posts you’ll find there today on the link up.

Today I want to really focus on a little sadness I had in my week. It was all about an ending that didn’t happen.

Tuesday night was supposed to be my last class teaching at a location here in town. I have given up evening teaching because Ike is starting Kindergarten soon and with my husband’s job and school, and the boys in gymnastics, evenings have gotten a little too busy for me. My Tuesday night group has been amazing and I have worked with them since March 2015. Almost weekly we would meet and talk and YOGA together.

If you’ve never done yoga with a class, it’s a totally different experience than doing yoga alone. The other participant’s breath affects your own. The atmosphere of connection with those around you (whether for a fitness style or more spiritual based yoga practice) is intense. As an instructor I feel like it’s a gift giving session. My students are receiving the gift of guidance from me. I am receiving the gift of connection and purpose from them.

Well, we have all known that this dreaded day was coming. I told them 11 weeks ago that this would be our last session. I told them last week that I was looking forward to guiding them through one last class this Tuesday. I had intended to say good-bye to Jean and Steve and tell them to keep in touch. To watch Jennifer’s face glare at me one last time while we did a difficult maneuver. I wanted to see Stephanie in the back succeeding a little more each week….for that last week. There would be Barbara and Sabrina and Leigh and maybe even Pam would show for that last class. I know that Margie and Tracey had other commitments, but their spots would be open in case they showed.But….it didn’t happen.

My husband’s work is such that sometimes he is called out of town at the last minute or has to stay late. This is what happened yesterday and class was cancelled. I have a lot of unfinished business in my life, but I hate good-byes that get left unsaid. The yogini in me knows that we are all still part of this larger yoga community; a community of human beings; and that we’ll always be connected. But the human in me is saddened by this missed opportunity to find conclusion.

To all of my yoga students out there……Best Wishes and Namaste!WIN_20160430_19_21_07_Pro

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