Currently July 2016

One of my goals for this year was to keep updates going. You can read all about that here and then check out my other 30 Days posts to read in more detail about the other things I’m working on this year. Here’s a recap of the happenings this month.

I’m back!

The Run Report

I started out July not running….well, trying to get back into running again after a knee issue. It wasn’t a true injury and I still think that it’s caused by some tightness in areas that desperately need a massage. I finished July with 21.3 miles this morning. I have learned that my Friday morning runs will have to be shorter because of travel and work that starts up again in 3 weeks! But I came in under 9 min/mi this morning and felt amazing! You can follow my runs at my MapMyRun profile here. I was logging all of my training, but right now am focused back on my running and preparing for this race.

I’m still not sure if I will be doing the race as my mileage is not exactly where I want it to be, but instead of giving up on the dream, I am still training for the dream and will see where it takes me. July came in 8th place of the last 13 months as far as total mileage, but was not the lowest mileage in 2016. Also, July 2015 was 22.98 miles mostly comprised of biking and only about 5 miles of running. So, progress!

Yoga Life

My yoga life in general has taken a downturn this month. I have struggled with patience and love for myself and others around me. Each day I’ve awakened with the intent of not losing my mind or my temper and each day have been human enough to fail. However, it’s getting better and I’m starting to feel ready to move into a regular yoga practice again.

One thing that has helped me has been teaching and I wrote about how yoga is saving me from completely falling into a depression here. However, I gave up one class this month in preparation of my oldest going to Kindergarten this fall and to make room for other things in our life. It was sad and the impending nature of that moment has weighed on me and not helped my mood.

Professionalism and Books

This month saw me reading far less. I wasn’t reading blogs or books or journals. I am currently struggling to get through a book for work and finish the workshop materials to go with it. The book literally puts me to sleep as I attempt to read it. Maybe that’s my mood as well, but I have had to close the book after every few pages and get up to walk around so that I am not caught snoozing mid-day.

I made some professional choices this month (not just about the yoga) to really try and get more into teaching. I’ve started really weighing the decision about what a phD means to me and how I could pursue it without turning our lives upside down. That’s really something more on the back burner until after the little guy starts Kindergarten, but still on my mind. I also decided to move the blog again and to stop paying for hosting services. That may seem like a step backward to some, but I’d rather use the money at this time to pursue more educational opportunities for me.


hole in shoeI’ve decided that my next big purchase will be new shoes as mine have now worn a hole in the back. Does this happen to anyone else? But this month I finally got myself some new clothes and a purse. As a mom I find myself doing the things I always said I’d never do….and putting myself second. This lack of care for myself was what helped drive me down recently. So, I used a little retail therapy to help lift me up. I never thought that would work for me, but two shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, and a purse later…..I’m kind of like a new woman!

The Future

A new project is on the horizon and launching Monday! It’s nothing big, just something I’ve been thinking about doing that will help me get back on track with my yoga. I’m starting out small and then it will get bigger and better so come back and check it out then!

Until Monday, stay safe if you’re in this heat and check out this article from the MapMyRun blog on running in the humid temps.

What did your July hold?

~Please leave your monthly recaps (or links to them) below in the comments so I and my other readers can check in on your progress~

4 thoughts on “Currently July 2016

    1. Thanks Jessie for stopping by! Knowing where my money is going made me look at it and say….no returns means no reason to keep self hosting. Plus, my heart just wasn’t into the business venture. I just read a book called The Business of Yoga and it talked about how many yogis feel this way. For me, I’ve always been the kind of person who wants others to benefit from my “services” (this is the path of Karma Yoga) and I feel like trying to profit off of that wasn’t serving anyone…..especially myself or my family.


  1. Progress is progress and you’re doing great from what I can see. Good for you on a little retail therapy, after running, it’s my favorite kind! Thanks for the comment on my blog!


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