Why Numbers Matter Part Two

Back in June I wrote about some measurements that I’d recently had done. I had intended this post to follow it the next day, but I dropped off the blogosphere for awhile right after that. You can read about that here if you’d like.

The previous post spoke about how those measurements could tell me somewhat about how my body was made at that time. Some other measurements that I had done back in the beginning of April tell me another part of the story.

I had a health screening done for our insurance both last fall and again this spring. Here’s how the numbers looked:

I had no high risk factors reported, but two things stood out to me.

Cholesterols All of my cholesterols went up this time around. I had tried to focus on eating more flax seed again at breakfast, but also during the winter months I find myself eating more baked goods and meat. I’m curious to see how those numbers change for this fall’s assessment. I really would like my HDL to be much closer to 100, but for right now I’m okay with it being in the 50’s as a jump from before.

Measurements In my last post on numbers I talked about my circumference measurements that Marae performed. She did the fitness “waist” measurement that takes place at the narrowest part of the body between the umbilicus and the zyphoid process. That’s your waist measurement and largest section around your navel is your abdominal measurement. However, in the medical field the abdominal measurement is the waist measurement. And mine was higher than I’m used to on both Marae’s reading and this one.

I care about this measurement for one reason only and that is heart health. The larger your waist to hip ratio (found by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement), the greater risk of heart disease. Thus, I’d rather be pear shaped (gynoid obesity) than apple shaped (android obesity). This is just something I want to keep an eye on as I age.

Keeping up on your health is more than just knowing what your run times are or how flexible you are (these are assessments I’ll write about in the future). It’s not just about how good you feel, but it’s also having the facts to know what kind of lifestyle changes are best for you. For me I need to keep an eye on certain things to avoid the risk of heart disease in my future.

How about you?

What are you at risk for?

Do you have regular blood work done to keep track of your numbers?

What lifestyle changes are you considering for your health?

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