TOLT: Fitness Gurus

Welcome to another Thursday linked up with Amanda at Running with Spoons! On Tuesday I spent the morning at the Children’s Museum with my boys and while they played I caught up on some reading. I am seriously behind on professional journals and wanted to start clearing out some old issues, but also making sure I didn’t miss anything that I thought was important. I tackled two issues that morning and will be sharing some thoughts on info contained in those over the next week or so. They were from clear back in 2014! This is a problem I’ve written about before in regards to emails and I’m still trying to workout a system between work, working out, writing here, and being a full time stay at home mom that will keep me up to date on these pieces of literature.

Okay, so now that that crazy long paragraph is out of the way, I’d like to touch on a subject that may be a little controversial in the blog society….Fitness Gurus and the inspiration was this IDEA Fitness Journal article by Amanda Vogel titled Cert By Selfie. In true TOLT fashion, here are three things I want to know after reading the article….

  1. I’m curious as to what’s most important to you when choosing someone’s fitness advice to follow? Should they be credentialed or do you go for the largest social media personality? I’ve written about this before, and as one of those Credentialed and Degreed Fitness Professionals, I still believe that you should make sure you’re getting your info from a reputable source. And check out what the certification is that someone has. Did they just do an online course or is it accredited by a national accrediting body? What are the checks and balances? Did you know that it’s illegal in all 50 states for someone to misrepresent themselves as a nutritionist or nutrition specialist without being a Registered Dietician? Did you know that Personal Trainers aren’t allowed to sell or promote supplements or write meal plans? Do you know the difference between a Group Exercise Instructor and a Personal Trainer and a Wellness Coach?
  2. For those of you that fall into the category of Credentialed Fitness Professional, what’s your favorite social media platform aside from your blog? I recently started posting videos to YouTube and my blog. I have used YouTube in the past as a medium for courses that I teach. I plan to continue to expand my YouTube usage for the blog, but haven’t ever tried Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram. I also quit Facebook a long time ago and haven’t felt the urge to go back despite all of the success other fitness professionals have had in that space.
  3. How do you feel about fitness selfies? Fitspo? And other photographs that are taken to show off what you’re doing in the fitness realm? I’m anti body shaming, but I do believe that I could do better on the fitness selfie aspect of my blog. I’m going to aim for one “action” shot per week for now and see how it goes. My challenge will be lack of photo support from a professional crew.

    yinspiration 1
    Your Y-inspiration for the week…..get to the beach and do some yoga! My oldest snapped this photo for me yesterday, but he didn’t wait until I was ready and so I’m mid pose.

Please feel free to add your two cents below and know that I’m not trying to upset anyone with my opinions. And, if you don’t already subscribe to this publication, I highly recommend it! So much AMAZING stuff in here each month that I hate to say that I have a stack sitting around still waiting to be read!

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