Rio in My Backyard

Tonight the 2016 Summer Olympic Games will open. Like Caitlin at Fit and Feminist I have some mixed feelings about the coverage of the Olympic games, how host cities are chosen, and the overall commercialism that dictates what is supposed to be an amateur athletic event. I’ve enjoyed laughing at the TODAY show and NBC Nightly News as they cover the “amazing” number of female athletes competing for Team USA.

Are we still that far behind?

So, tonight I introduce the Olympics to my children. Two years ago, during the Winter Games, they were 3 and not even 1; too young to understand the basics of the event. This year they get it a little more. They’re also both doing gymnastics and therefore I want them to see where Men’s Gymnastics could take them.

Tonight we’re having “snack dinner” with some friends. We’re going to try making a dish that my friend Ashley makes often:

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

We’ll enjoy it with fruit and celery and carrots and crackers. It doesn’t matter that it’s loaded with cheese….we don’t judge food here and neither does Tracy at Fit is a Feminist Issue. We will watch the opening ceremonies and then light our own Olympic torch in the backyard while we enjoy some roasted marshmallows. We’ll let the kids stay up a little later because it’s Friday night. And, because “Why Not!?”, we’re going to do our own funny games in the backyard. I haven’t decided yet what the games will be, but I’m thinking that a 3, 4, and 5 year old might enjoy some water balloon races and tosses on a hot day in August.

Have you made plans for the Olympics?

Have you thought about hosting your own games?

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