Meditation Monday#20: Turning In and Tuning Out

I started this post back in January on the old site as part of my 30 Days project, but decided to save it for later. When I was reading last Tuesday in the IDEA Fitness Journal an article struck me as something I needed to consider and therefore sparked the finishing of this post.

One thing I need more of this year and in my life in general is connection. Connection happens for me by talking with and being around friends and family, teaching, and even writing this blog. I’m working kind of backwards here, but the end of the article

7 Self-Care Tips for Fitness Professionals by Alexandra Williams

says very bluntly….Do What You Love and this is part of the reason that I write this blog and most of the reason that I quit hosting it myself. The blog has changed so much over the past 3 years because I’m trying to write more for ME as well as for You (the reader). Primarily this is a place of reflection and sharing….a way for me to make a connection.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here….

First, consider the seven dimensions of wellness and take an inventory of how well you take care of yourself in each of these areas.


For me, connection is something that seeps into each and every area listed here.

  • Emotionally I need people to lean on
  • Intellectually I need to be challenged to learn new things from others and also have people to bounce ideas off of
  • Physically I do better when I have others to workout with
  • Professionally I currently survive as mostly an independent contractor and it hasn’t been the most fulfilling way of work for me
  • Socially I thrive on having a good network of friends I can depend on and moms/friends I can talk with who have a lot of the same things going on in their lives that I do
  • Spiritually my yoga helps me to connect to others and the world around me
  • Environmentally I need to feel connected to the food I make, that I grow, and the world I live in

Williams goes on to give tips for taking care of the self and some of them are similar to my goals this year… Just Say No, Disconnect, and Turn Inward. This is not a full assessment of how I am doing in each of these areas, but rather a first step to a self-study. I plan to take a deeper look at each of these areas over the rest of August and post some more insights into the seven dimensions, plus the 7 tips for improving self-care. I would love to hear about your need for connection, where it is greatest in your wellness spectrum, and how you take care of yourself in all dimensions.

Please leave your comments below, check out the article, and let me know if you’ve done any meditation or self-study exercises on this subject!


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