Scaling Back

I’ve been away from the blog for yet another week of trying to make decisions and get through the day. I feel this ever looming presence of a need to reflect and take inventory that keeps me from moving forward as I’d like to. So, to combat that heavy feeling, I’ve decided to scale back on a lot of my goals. The best part of this decision is that it makes me feel confident in what I can achieve and not like I’ve hit yet another set back.

This new frame of mind allows me a little more freedom in my life…..So, here’s the plan:

  1. I am no longer training for the 15k in September, but rather the 5k. Why? Well, we are one week into Kindergarten at our house and I’ve already had a day that we were late, a day that I didn’t get to shower, a day we forgot the water bottle, a day I didn’t eat breakfast, and a day I got pulled over for speeding (unknowingly because this is a whole new town we go to school in this year). So, my runs have to be short if I’m not going to give them up. When the weather cools off in about a month I will be able to do long runs while the big guy is at school and therefore, with the Oktoberfest race a month away….Scaling Back to 5k distance.
  2. I am no longer rushing my writing. Why? Because I’ve been forcing writing in lots of areas of my life lately and I’m tired of the poor quality or abandoned work. I am giving myself 25 minutes of write time each day and if I finish a post it will go up or else it will get finished the next day. I have a few different things to accomplish each day in about 1:30 and I need to use that time wisely. The quality of my blog is important to me, but it’s not where the money is, so ……Scaling Back to 25 minutes/day 5x/week.
  3. I am no longer overscheduling my life. Why? Because I’m not freakin’ Superwoman and I no longer desire to be. Playdates will have to be only 2-3x/week instead of every day. Work takes second place to family. And sometimes I will just sit down and do nothing because I deserve some unscheduled time as well. Our schedule has undergone a major overhaul because of Kindergarten and I’d like to think it’s for the better. There’s earlier dinners and bedtimes for all, but also earlier mornings and so on. Scaling Back to what is important and not what I think it should be.

I’m sure there’s much more to add to this list, but I’m starting here. I’m back to using my little planner that’s been organizing me on my good days. And I have some ideas for the next few months to help me stay on track. Come back tomorrow for the full scale back on my 30 Days project during a Currently August update.

What needs scaling back on your New Years’ Resolutions or otherwise in your life?

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