30 Days of Yoga

I read a great blog post recently about a woman who gave herself the gift of a yoga challenge.

366 Days of Yoga (Guest Post)

Not the crazy kind that leaves people with broken spines or empty wallets. But, the kind that is truly renewing. So, for the next 30 days, beginning today….I’m also giving myself that gift.

I’ve done a 30 day challenge once before and that was at the beginning of the year with my resolutions. I just caught up on those yesterday and in doing so decided firmly on completing this challenge.

Yoga is a lifestyle and not just a physical practice of contorting your body into wild positions. That is part of it and mastering three of those poses (Asanas) is part of my original 30 days resolutions. Each semester as I teach I ask my students to give themselves 5 minutes/day of practice. It doesn’t matter what they do for that five minutes, but to be consistent.

For each of the next 30 days, including today, I am giving myself at least 5 minutes of yoga. The yoga I teach on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays does not count toward my 5 minutes. The yoga workshops I teach also do not count. I plan to document what I do for those 5 minutes or more and share them here. I may not share every day due to my schedule, but I will report on it. Even if I’m writing about something else that day (See the next Mini Movie Monday on Labor Day) I will still stick in a blurb about my practice.

So it starts like this for me……

This morning I taught yoga for 50 minutes. During that time of yoga for my students I did a breathing exercise called the Breath of Joy. I first discovered this breathing technique in the Amy Weintraub book that I read two years ago (or maybe it was more). At the end of class the ladies told me how much they liked and enjoyed the practice. They raved over the Breath of Joy and how great it made them feel and asked questions about the physiological reason for doing the breath that way. So, because it always makes me feel good and because they inspired me so much…..I have taken another 5 minutes this afternoon to reboot myself and practice the Breath of Joy. Here is a little something that I put together for my students regarding the technique:

Breath of Joy
The Breath of Joy is meant to energize and uplift the body and spirit by opening the front of the body and allowing for a deeper, 3-part inhale. The image below was found at Yoga Loft Sonora

To begin, stand in Mountain pose. Do three inhales as you raise the arms first to the front of the body, then out to the sides, finally up overhead. You should look similar in motion to that of a symphony conductor. Upon your exhale, fold over as you exhale with a “haaaaa” sound through the nose. As you exhale and fold the arms reach up behind the body much like that of a downhill skier. Repeat several cycles of the Breath of Joy to improve mood and breathing patterns.

What yoga did you do for yourself today?

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge?

Tell me all about it below and Thank you to Amanda for a space to share today!

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