New Shoes!

Happy Friday to All!

Yesterday I read this post about changing your shoes

When Should You Replace Your Fitness Shoes

and the timing couldn’t have been better because guess what arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon?

My 1st Birthday Present!

Hard to see, but my kids drew hearts all over the box for me before I opened it.

It was my new running shoes that I had ordered over the weekend at a sweet price from Running Warehouse. (not a sponsored post) I used to order shoes from them all the time because they have great prices and selection. I’m the kind of person who likes to stick with the same shoe for awhile……although you wouldn’t know it since this is my fourth pair of runners since starting the blog.

Good-Bye Old Friends

2015 Road Shoe of the Year

But I went back to being a creature of habit this time around…..

Same shoe….different color

As you can see here….my old Fresh Foam Zante 1980 (year I was born….coincidence? I think not!) 20160909_132322had some serious wear to them. While my MapMyRun Gear Tracker says I still have 107 miles left on them, they’re only accounting for my logged miles and not the ones I walked around everywhere else.

So, this month I will be slowly transitioning out of the blue pair and into the purple pair. I ran this morning in the old shoes and will wear the new ones around the house for the next week before they get debuted. They also won’t be the ones I do the 5k in later this month. I mean, my birthday isn’t until the end of September so I’m not really even supposed to have them yet…..right?


Where do you buy your shoes?

How often do you change them out?

How do you go about transitioning to a new pair?

easy inversionDay 9 Yoga – After sun salutations all morning I am spending 5 minutes in Easy Inversion aka Legs Up the Wall pose for some much needed relaxation.

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