The Yoga Report

meditationI am still finding time to meet the demands of my self-imposed 30 Days of Yoga challenge, but finding it harder to make the time to write about it. Some of that is because it’s a personal practice and sometimes I just want to do it and not mention that I did it. Other times I just allow life to get in the way of writing.

So, here’s a quick recap of the practices I did last Wednesday through Sunday and my plan for this last week of September.After my long practice with a friend on Tuesday afternoon, I went back to a few more simple practices for the rest of the week. Wednesday I spent a simple 5 minutes working on my standing splits which is a great partial inversion and helps my hips feel more open. Thursday I taught in the morning and later spent 5 minutes in Corpse pose because I felt my mind racing and needed the time to quiet. Friday it was still raining off and on and I started to get worried about the upcoming race on Sunday and having not run since the previous Saturday. My classes that morning spent all of their time on Meditation practices (you can check them out here, here, here, and here) so I did 10 rounds of Sun Salutations to feel like I had moved enough for the day. I deliberately did them slow….they are the burpees of the yoga world.

Saturday was different. I found time to run, but didn’t want to push myself too hard because of the race the next morning. I chose to do just around a mile, but spent 5 minutes before the run focusing on deep breathing like the Dirga Pranayama. I knew and know that I can’t breathe like that while I run, but the feeling of the slow, deep, methodical breath carries with me during my runs and did so on Sunday as well. Sunday’s yoga practice was completely about repair and relax. I used all of my favorite poses for my legs after the race, like Dead Pigeon and Garland garlandand Seated Forward Fold and Revolved Head to Knee. I just wanted to feel whole again and like I could function properly for the rest of my day. It was a short run, but a powerful and emotional one for me.

So, yesterday I came to the mat to meditate and decided that I would spend the remainder of September with the Gates book. And here I am….on my 36th Birthday….finishing the chapter on Yamas and especially Aparigraha. I’m letting go of 35 and saying hello to 36 and really getting to know myself more and more each day. On Friday I will recap my 30 Days of Yoga practice and share with you my revelations from this week’s meditations, but it’s all been truly eye opening.

Happy Birthday to ME!

What are you doing to enlighten yourself these days? To strengthen your practice? To nurture your future? To let go of your past?


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