Seeking a Mentor

Many years ago, when I was working at Elon University, I attempted an MBA. In this program I began a course on communications and part of the course requirements was a project.  The project entailed evaluating one of the business functions of your employer and determining a way to improve upon it. This was a tricky task based on my position within the organization and standing with the other professional staff there. I had an idea in my head based on some liberties I’d taken within the established framework for how to do things, but I knew that revealing this may put my work in greater jeopardy. So, I eventually came to the conclusion that I would be leaving Elon and quit the MBA program and ultimately tabled my ideas.

Later that same year I was accepted to and enrolled in a graduate program at East Carolina University. Throughout my time there I brought my ideas back into play for an Independent Study project. I was even allowed to implement my ideas in a training program that I ran to gather data for my paper. I was able to present my ideas at NIRSA in New Orleans in 2009. However, also during this time and about 2.5 months before the New Orleans trip, I had my first son…..during grad school.

Since this time I have struggled to truly finish the paper. It has once been sent out for review and it was a defeating experience. researchBasically I was told that my “evidence” collected was not good enough to support my ideas. On one hand, I agree because there were many limitations with the “study” we performed. On the other hand, the research behind my work and my idea in general I believe to be a great concept. It’s something that I think about often. I would really like to be able to publish a version of this paper as a proposal for a method that I think should be implemented in one portion of my field. It’s something that I’m still passionate about 5 years later.

The dilemma I face at this time is that my former mentor on this project and I have sort of a failed communication. She is busy with other students and while she has given me a lot of guidance prior to my break from the project, I don’t think she is interested any longer in pursuing the completion of this paper. This is my fault as there were times when I gave her the impression that I feel the same. Now I need new eyes for this project and some new mentorship on the correct placement for this paper and the best way to write it as a proposal piece instead of a researched and tested approach. Maybe I’m just using a lot of big words that don’t fit…..but this was one of my 2016 goals and I’d really like to see it finished….if not this year, sometime in the tangible future.

See, ultimately I’d like to go on to get my PhD, but that’s a dream for another day. I have a distinct idea of what I want to study and pursue in my future research, but I need to get published and I need to finish this project before moving on to the next thing. So, if you’re in a position to mentor someone, if you’re a published author, if you know where I should go from here, or if you even have a faint interest in reading my paper….please let me know. This is part of my plan for year 36 of my life….forward thinking…..something I learned from Tracy’s post over at Fit is a Feminist Issue.

Look Who’s 52! Planning for another year on this planet

Have a great Wednesday….we’re almost over the hump!

2 thoughts on “Seeking a Mentor

  1. What a great post! I’m so glad something I wrote inspired you to think forward. I’m sure you were already doing it — looks like it. Best of luck finding a mentor in your field. It’s so important and I know that lots of more experienced women love to provide mentorship to younger women.


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