Training Plan Tuesday #1- October

It’s October and I’m really focusing on my running and my yoga again this month….despite the fact that I wanted to really work on some other things this year. I need to stay with what is working in order to avoid more injury. I’m suffering from a little something with my right foot now (I rolled it while making dinner barefoot on the horrible linoleum in my kitchen about a month ago) and I’m hesitant to move on to something new until I’ve figured all of that out. Plus, there’s the knee and back rehab I’m doing on my own too.

I missed out on doing the 15k last month due to injury this summer, but I still want to complete an 8k and 10k before my next birthday… training moves on! I read this post last week by Tracy at Fit is a Feminist Issue

Slow down, you’re going too fast–how to make your long runs work better for you

and it got me thinking about my training. I’ve spent much of the last year working on going faster and then longer, but in all of that, I’ve forgotten how to run slow….how to jog.

So, yesterday I came up with my training plan for the month and it goes like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Runs

Teach myself to pace a little slower so I can go longer. In October that means that I will be doing my 5.02 mile course and varying run/walk intervals each week.

Week 1 – Jog 10 minutes, Walk 10 minutes

Week 2 – Jog 15 minutes, Walk 9 minutes

Week 3 – Jog 20 minutes, Walk 8 minutes

Week 4 – Jog 25 minutes, Walk 7 minutes

Week 5 – Jog 30 minutes, Walk 6 minutes

Yesterday I did the first cycle and did 3 10 minute runs and 2 10 minute walks with almost another 7 minutes at the finish. It felt good and loose and not like I’d done 5 miles when I got home. I haven’t even felt it yet today. I’m doing Monday and Wednesday runs will be pushing the jogging stroller, so it will be easier to go slow, but Saturdays I’m running alone to teach myself to GO SLOW!

Friday Runs

Because I only have about 45 minutes on Friday morning to jump out of bed, go for a run, eat breakfast, grab all the stuff I forgot to pack the night before, shower, get dressed, and out the door to teach 4 hours of yoga…..I’m going to stick with a 1.5 mile run as fast as I can. I don’t want to lose my speed I’ve gained, but I don’t want it to be my only priority for the remainder of 2016.

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Workouts

I’m going to continue with my workouts for my knee and my back on each of my three long run days, but also do bridges (double leg) for a set of 20 these days. And one more thing….Triangle Push-ups. Why? Because of this article I finally got around to reading:

ACE Study Identifies Best Triceps Exercises


I’m still teaching a class each morning on Tuesdays and Thursday, but also 4 hours on Fridays. This accounts for the majority of my yoga practice….physically at the moment. I’m doing lots of yoga poses in my workouts to help stretch and strengthen certain areas and then there’s the Garland pose on the odd days of the month. So, my yoga practice is not physically deep, but will be regular.

Overall, I’m just hoping to stay active this month. Last year October only logged 14.22 miles all month. This week I should surpass that amount. My eyes are open and searching for my 8k and goals to go with it will be pending.

What do your October training sessions look like?

Have you ever done a pumpkin workout?

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