TOLT #50 – Schedules and Saucha

On Monday I plan to write more about my meditations so far this month, but today’s reading (Day 64) really spoke to me about other things I’ve been thinking about. It starts with a quote

Hint: the cage is not locked. ~ Nova Knutson

My first instinct was to think of The Walking Dead because I’ve been watching the latest season that is on Netflix (which means I’m way behind) and there’s an episode with almost that exact same phrasing. My next instinct was to think of the chains that hold us down….commitments and set backs specifically. Why? Because that’s what I planned to write about today in my TOLT courtesy of our lovely host Amanda!

TOLT – Things That Get in the Way

Here’s a short list of things that get in the way of us accomplishing our goals.

  1. Motivation – Your own motivation or interest in a task can prevent you from accomplishing it.
  2. Time constraints – Part of this is a choice because we all choose what to put into our schedules.
  3. Money – Yeah, this one is holding me back big time in certain areas of my life, but I’m also choosing not to spend my money on things that I want when I choose to spend them on other things that I want.
  4. Other people – Other people are commitments as well. I regularly allow the wants and needs of others to get into my way of accomplishing things that I want to get done. It’s easy to say that someone else is a priority and to turn your back on yourself.
  5. Distractions – Oh, this is a big and easy one! Again, it ties into all of the above….choices. How often do you allow tv, your phone, or the internet to get in the way of accomplishing something?
  6. Weather – Currently Hurricaine Matthew is on it’s way to the East Coast of the USA. I am in it’s path…..or something like that. Wilmington is probably going to get hit with, at the least, a lot of rain and wind. So, my weekend runs may or may not be in jeopardy at this point. This also puts a damper on my other outdoor plans or socializing with friends. And, if the power goes out… on the computer which needs electricity to run will also be off the table.
  7. Illness/Injury – Did I mention the fact that my tonsils and sinuses decided that yesterday would be a great day to swell up and take away my ability to swallow, talk, feel like a human being? It’s getting better today, but I’m sure I’m going to suffer liver damage from the amount of ibuprofen I would need to take to keep the swelling down and will probably go through my entire stash of tea to keep myself soothed and hydrated. There’s no naps for mom’s of toddlers either!

And that brings me to the next thing…..I’ve talked many times before about ways to deal with these kinds of set back, how to combat certain things that will inevitably come up, and scheduling/time management. However, today’s reading taught me a little something more.

Saucha (cleanliness) is also about the freedom to break free and act on your beliefs and morals. And yet, I’m still caught in a prison of my own beliefs of independence over interdependence, self-inflicted overload, corporate bragging aka mommy bragging/guilt, and the inability to let go of control and of things. I mean, my desk has been eaten again by to do lists and papers that could probably be recycled.

Still working on filling in this month and getting it done!
Still working on filling in this month and getting it done!

I want to be free from the clutter of my own life which will sometimes mean saying NO. And part of that is making better choices and choosing to take the leap of faith and act on what I want. So, I want more order in my life. I want that clean feeling both inside and out. And that is why I’ve started scheduling life to A: bring order to the chaos of my mind and body and B: finish some things so that I can let them go and not load on more.

What is your biggest block to accomplishing goals?

How can you clean up your life?

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