Meditation Monday #21 – Not Ready for Santosha

Santosha is one of the Niyamas (observances) in yoga. It really means being content with our lives as they are in this moment. This contentment asks us to play on other aspects of our yoga practice, but for me, today, I am not ready for Santosha.


Although the 8 Limb Path of Raja Yoga is not a step by step path in which you master one element before you move on, there is something that I do need to do before I can move on to contentment. That is to deal more thoroughly with the first of the Niyamas – Saucha (cleanliness).butterfly-coccoon I feel that I grew up in a place of both physical and emotional clutter and that as I grow as an adult I am able to practice Aparigraha better by leaving that era of my life behind. I leave behind the physical clutter and the emotional clutter and look to the future while enjoying the present.

The problem has become that my present is filled with a lot of mental clutter at the moment. I have these things that I know I should be able to accomplish and when I don’t quite get to them I am left with mental clutter and confusion with how to deal with them. My scheduling clutter is a problem, email clutter is a problem, clutter is just an issue that is clouding my contentment.

So, I haven’t been able to meditate as originally planned at the moment because I know what I’m not ready to work on this element of my practice. Instead my meditation practice has been more focused on focusing and decluttering my schedule, my mind, my life. I sat down to write this post and it flowed so freely from my fingertips because I knew what I needed to do and I did it. Now, on to the next task on my list and no new things are being added until I see blank space, open views, and am feeling content.

What stands in the way of your contentment?

How are you doing with the clutter in your life? What form does it take?

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