Funga Alafia Ashe Ashe – TOLT #51

Happy Thursday all! Only 11 days until Halloween. Are you excited? I am and even though I’m feeling a lot of stress right now and have been unable to get some things done as scheduled, I am taking time out today for a little TOLT with Amanda! We all need a little peace in our lives as the holiday season approaches.

Some of you may be the right age to remember Gullah Gullah Island, most of you will have no idea where this clip is from:

Lately my oldest son has been quietly singing a song in the back seat of my car whenever he feels like it. I couldn’t figure out what he was singing at first, but his sweet voice was very calming. So, finally I asked him to tell me. He’s not much for singing in the first place, so I was surprised to hear him and when he told me “Funga Alafia Ashe Ashe” I thought maybe he’d misheard the words to something in music class.

He was sure those were the words. Then, I remembered that his school had sung “Happy Birthday” in Italian for Maria Montessori’s birthday back in September. I thought maybe they had learned an Italian song, so I decided to Google it. Turns out it wasn’t Italian, but African and more specifically Nigerian (although Google has been known to be wrong).

His beautiful little song had a beautiful little meaning:

Our hearts are pure. Our voices true. With open arms we welcome you!

In the clip above they sing it differently and align it almost exactly with the Yamas: 5 moral restraints practiced in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. This gave the song even more importance in my life. In living a yoga life I try to open my mind to new things, be careful in the words I choose, and be mindful of the actions I perform.

Funga Alafia Ashe Ashe!

Come back tomorrow to see how I’m doing with 5 Yamas Friday.

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