Thigh Gap? – TOLT #52

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I’m a little late to the TOLT round up today due to the massive amount of things I’m trying to accomplish before the end of this month so that I can start with a new clean-ish schedule for November. My mornings are trying to get started earlier and activity is getting squeezed in where it can. And that last bit is what brings me to my random topic for today:


Yesterday I went for my current 5.02 mile run/walk with my littlest one in the jogging stroller. Things went as planned….I started out okay; struggled to the end of the first run segment; walked quickly and regained my composure; then finished up the best I could. The run was not ideal yesterday and I had hoped to be up at 530am to do it instead of 1030am. Also, I ended up with a serious shorts burn at the end of my run. This prompted my google search on “chaffing”

Now, we’ve all heard chaffing called something else before and the not so flattering term of “chub rub” brought me to this article on Huffington Post

I don’t know about you, but a lot of these “tips” just don’t work for me. I’m not a fan of powdering my thighs nor smearing them with lube pre-run. I also don’t get how cotton shorts are supposed to be worse than synthetic fibers? This isn’t a problem I have often, but it made me thin…..maybe I’d rather have the much talked about Thigh Gap?

I decided to read back through some posts on the topic

Fit Is a Feminist Issue

Feminist reflections on fitness, sport, and health

Search Results for: thigh gap

I especially like the posts about faked thigh gaps in advertising, the argument against thin shaming, and the one where they named all of the body parts!

For me the thigh gap is something I kind of wish I had for the specific reason of running and cycling. A lot of cyclists wear long lycra shorts to prevent the chaffing with the seat and a lot more runners and triathletes wear something similar. I, however, am not in the position to go out and get a whole new wardrobe to keep running a few times a week. legs-in-sandSo, I’ll have to try out some of these other alternative solutions, continue to love my thighs (because I do), and occasionally suffer through a few raw spots. Changing my thighs through plastic surgery, targeted training plans, extreme dieting, or otherwise is not an option for me.

So tell me….

Do you suffer from thigh chaffing during exercise or otherwise?

How have you combated it?

Are you pro or anti-thigh gap?

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