Training Plan Tuesday #2- 3 Part November and 30 MORE Days of Yoga

Is anyone else confused about why it’s almost 80 degrees on the first of NOVEMBER?! Well, I guess I have to keep the shorts and t-shirts in the rotation for awhile longer and with that in mind, let’s talk about the new month. It’s TURKEY TIME and here is my 3 part training plan for this month and a third stab at 30 Days of Yoga. If you read my recap yesterday, you’ll see that October didn’t quite hit the mark…..


Part 1 – Meditation: Training for the Mind and Soul

Because I stopped moving forward in the Gates book last month in order to clear my calendar and prepare for the next stage of Niyamas, it’s time to revisit my meditations this month and live Santosha in preparation for Thanksgiving! Day 67 starts today while I’m baking maple cinnamon cream cheese stuffed pumpkin muffins. I feel much better after clearing my schedule last month (except for an online training and a phone call) and have started with a much cleaner looking schedule this month. I have big plans for how my “schedule” will work come January, but that’s a discussion for another day. Odd days of the month are getting the mediation treatment this month…until we hit the week of Thanksgiving, but again….another day, another post.

Part 2 – Pigeon Pose: Yoga is NOT for the Birds

I did a lot of Garland pose last month, but it still wasn’t “enough” to perfect my pose and perhaps it may never be “perfect”. But this month I will continue to work on it alongside one of my favorite deep hip opening poses in all the world: Pigeon Pose. This pose pose takes me back to my days of enduring physical therapy and finally figuring out how to take care of my hip. Before I even know what yoga was, I was doing Pigeon Pose. In Mini Movie Monday #2 I showed you a variation called Dead Pigeon/Figure 4 stretch. I’ve been doing that each day that I run, but this month I’m going to focus on a deeper version of Pigeon that lays it all out on the mat. Next semester (as I return to teaching Yoga II) I will be working deeper into King Pigeon which requires a great amount of back bending ability and hip/knee flexibility and forgiveness. This coming Monday will feature the variations of Pigeon Pose for your viewing pleasure. The even days of the month are for practicing poses.

Part 3 – Run, Lift, Stretch, Repeat

Yep, we’re still working out a new run schedule and balancing this 530am thing. I missed a lot of runs that I had planned, but I still managed to walk/run 37.34 miles last month. I made it out the door early yesterday morning and found it easier to get up to teach yoga that early this morning as well. Hopefully tomorrow continues the trend. Here’s the run plan for this month:

Week 1 – Jog 30 minutes, Walk 6 minutes, Jog home

Week 2 – Jog 33 minutes, Walk 5 minutes, Jog home

Week 3 – Jog 36 minutes, Walk 5 minutes, Jog home

Week 4 – Jog 39 minutes, Walk 5 minutes, Jog home

Week 5 – Jog 42 minutes, Walk 5 minutes or home

I have a feeling that by that last week I should be home-ish by the end of my walk. When I can finally jog the whole 5.02 miles without problem I will consider Saturday runs for longer distances. I’m going to bump my Friday morning runs up to my 2.11 course.

The whole “jog” thing is still a little lost on me as I’m averaging around 10 min/mi on the 5.02 with walk time included. I’d like to see my jog be a little slower, but perhaps it’s just a sign of becoming more trained? I still feel like it’s mental and I haven’t quite learned how to turn off the competitive voice inside my head. I’m hoping that my meditation can bring a little more calm and focus inside my brain…..that or the fact that it’s been SO DARK out will help me slow down a bit!

What do your November training sessions look like?

Are you Turkey Trotting this year?

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