Fall in Baltimore and Final Notes on Voting

Happy Sunday! I’m waiting for my flight back to Wilmington and thought I’d take a moment to write a few things about my trip before tomorrow’s Meditation Monday post.

I’m in Baltimore, MD (actually worked in Columbia this weekend) for the NETA PT workshop and it’s my first time in this part of the country. It’s actually FALL here, unlike back in Wilmington and that makes it feel light years away. I was just there on Friday and now I’m here preparing to go back and I almost don’t want to go! Leaves are falling and changing color, the air is crisp, I mean….what more could someone ask for in NOVEMBER?

20161113_073903This trip I stayed at a Hampton Inn. I like these hotels because they always have unique decor. I’m kind of in love with the wallpaper from my bathroom this trip, but I’m still confused as to how I’ve had handicap rooms two weekends in a row at two different hotel chains? One of my favorite things about Hampton Inn is the oatmeal bar. They cook their oatmeal well (not soggy) and offer up dried fruit, brown sugar, and sliced almonds to top it with. I skipped the brown sugar and added cream cheese instead. It makes for a unique combination of sweet and tart, creamy and crunchy.oatmeal

My workshop site was about a block and a half away from my hotel, so I debated walking there each day, but ultimately “freezing” temps kept me in the car. Plus, I had a lot to carry and no coat/gloves/hat. Also close to my hotel was a lake with a trail around it. I planned ahead to run there Saturday evening and get in my 5 miler since I was lacking this week due to emotions and failed motivation. Lake Elkhorn would have been a beautiful run had I not forgotten about the time change and wasn’t left running in the dark. I still got in 3 dizzying miles at a “decent” jog pace.

I stuffed myself full of burrito from Qdoba last night and then relaxed by Skyping with my mom and catching up on blogs I haven’t read in forever! And now it’s over. I taught to a wonderful group of people who were engaging, energetic, and made the shouting I had to do (over external noise) worth the almost lost voice. I am not yet sure if I will brave the 530am alarm in the morning or do my 5 miler with the little guy in the stroller later in the morning. My weekend has just been enjoyable.

whole-foodsToday, I even discovered the most unique Whole Foods I’ve ever seen! Look at this place! And it was next to a lake/pond. fall-in-baltimoreI was mesmerized and spent almost a half an hour walking around the store just marveling at the design. I mean, it’s Whole Foods, I’ve been there before….

Well, it’s time to board, but I wanted to drop off one final note regarding the election and state of our country and then I will go back to not talking about it until January-ish. If you’re unhappy with the election results, it’s important to know this – our constitution does not guarantee us the right to vote for president; thus the electoral college exists. If you want your vote to matter (just like all of the people who come to your door and beat it down to get you to vote tell you) you need to make sure that your state changes the law. Please visit NationalPopularVote.com and find out what I’m talking about. I have already sent my letter…..my first step in getting more involved and making change happen in this country.

This is your wake up call: will you answer?

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