The Escape

I have been needing an escape. Over the last few years a lot of my reading has been on fitness and yoga. I enjoy a great many different styles of books and recently I needed the kind of escape that only a good book can bring. Incidentally, this book is also a movie, but I don’t think it’s in English, so seek it out with caution. I can’t verify anything regarding the film version.

I also don’t know how I found this post,

20 Books Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

but I did….awhile back and I chose to start at the beginning of the list. I mean, I’ve already read number 2 and a few others, so why not start where the starting begins?So, the other day I finally finished this book and I’ll tell you that it was hard to hold out this long! Many a day I would find myself not wanting to put it down and instead wishing that I was on the amazing journey with Allan Karlsson through his life. The book is written in a way that makes you jump back and forth to his past and present situations. All of which are unbelievably insane and hilarious. It’s one of those books that you can easily find yourself swept away in and for which you can vividly imagine each character sitting around in the scene….even when they’re not being mentioned.

I think that part of the reason I really enjoyed this book is that the main character reminded me somewhat of my grandfather. My grandfather was a jack of all trades as far as I can remember. He had so many jobs in his lifetime that I couldn’t believe it. He joked that he was so old he had a pet dinosaur. Incidentally, I told that story to my dinosaur obsessed 5 1/2 year old recently and he was massively disappointed to find out that it was just a story.

My grandfather was probably the one person in my life that I was closest to and this book made me feel like he was sharing a private joke with me. The main character (Karlsson) is kind, funny, practical, and a bit smarter than those around him give him credit for. He’s wise beyond his years and then in accordance with those years.

Now for my Reading Rainbow summary pitch: I think you’ll enjoy this book this holiday season if you need a light and funny read; if you enjoy a little historical fiction; if you’re missing a grandfather in your life; or if you just want to escape to a far off land. Go out and get it!

Because I’m always curious…

What are you reading lately?

Do you ever get tired of fitness and yoga reads?

Who will you be missing this holiday season?

Did you ever have a pet dinosaur?

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