One Day to Go – Looking Forward to 2017

The past two days I’ve been on a posting frenzy! Well, 2/2 that is. So, I thought I’d make a run for it with 3/3 today. I’m already aware of the fact that I WON’T be posting on Sunday. It’s New Year’s Day in this country and I’m having a party. You’re welcome to join us, but not really because I can only cook so much in my slow cooker. But come in spirit….take the day off from the online world and revel in your IRL friends (if people even still use that sort of speak).

So, I only have a brief post for you today about looking forward to 2017. I mentioned on Thursday that I plan to make 2017 the year of LESS! I watched a documentary the other night on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. You should check it out if you have time or don’t want to go out tonight. Anyway, it got me thinking about my own life and how I make too much time (sometimes) for crap I don’t care to make time for. How I’ve (at times) made goals because it’s things I feel I “should” be achieving instead of what I really want to be doing.

This year (2017) I’m turning that notion upside down! I’m only going to work on 1 thing at a time and only if I want to do it. I’m choosing my food more carefully in 2017; based on how I want to eat and not what everyone else around me wants to eat. I am choosing my workouts differently this year too; because I know what makes me feel good and alive and what seems like too much work for something that I love. I’m choosing my work projects and my play and choosing to be happier this year than ever before!

As for the blog, it will look a little something like this….

I really love working on meditation, so expect more Meditation Monday posts as they come about. I love exploring new food, so expect some recipe round-ups and stories of my successes and failures in the kitchen. I love to read, so expect more Fave Reads Fridays. And I really enjoyed making the little workout videos, so Workout Wednesdays will have yoga sequences, HIIT workouts, etc that I’m doing each month. I’m hoping to travel more this year and want to keep sharing about the new places I go and the old places I revisit. And the one new thing I hope to do this year is to get more interactive with YOU, my blog community!

So, join me (click and follow if you like) in looking ahead to the best year yet!

What will your 2017 look like?

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