Meditation Monday #24 – Signs

Yoga is surrounding me lately in my work and my personal life. It is lifting me up and moving me forward….as long as I pay attention to the signs it is showing me.

I am re-reading the Rebecca Pacheco book Do Your OM Thing again and I’ll give it another once over on the blog here soon. But last night I read,

Happier people do not have easier lives, with less hard work, grief, divorce, or financial strain than the rest of us. They’re simply more grateful for what they have and choose to be conscious of their contentment more often. p.37

And today in Gates:

Who among us has not spent months or years believing that when this or that happens, we’ll be content, only to find that contentment we seek is somehow beyond our grasp? p.99

Yoga, I see the signs. This is my path.

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