Fave Reads Friday #7 – Reading List 2017

Happy Friday Everyone! I haven’t done a Fave Reads Friday post in quite some time, but it’s something I want to do more regularly in 2017. Last year I did a great job of reading a lot of books, but that left a lot of unread magazines. This year I already know I will be doing some reading for work, so I’ve planned to scale back on the book reading some and spend more time clearing out magazines and emails and sharing with you what I learn. So, here’s my Reading List for 2017:

Books for Me

  1. Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco – I’m still working on finishing the second time through on this book. I am taking more diligent notes this time around and probably should invest in purchasing this book as it has come to be one of my most favorite yoga texts for teaching with and personal use in my Svadhyaya.
  2. Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates – I still haven’t hit the mark of meditating daily, although DYOT suggests all the major benefits of doing so, so I will keep working on this and working with this book throughout the year.
  3. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – This one was on a list of books that supported Pacheco’s book and it stood out as one I definitely wanted to read. There are a few more on her resources list that I’ve added to my list at the library, but they will have to wait until I have more time.

Books for Work

  1. The Business of Yoga by Casey Conrad and Howard Van Es – I finished reading this book last fall and started working on part of NETA’s new 200hr RYT program using this book. However, I’ve taken a couple of months off from that project to work on others and will need to review the book to finish that project…..hopefully in the next month.
  2. Yoga for Athletes by Ryanne Cunningham – I’ll be reading this one next for work and hope that you all come out and join us at a FitFest event in 2018 to participate in the workshop!
  3. More on Special Populations and Yoga…..I have done one course on this topic, but need to expand my research and haven’t quite figured out where I will start on that one. However, it will include more reading on my part!

Professional Journals

  1. IDEA Fitness Journal for ACE – I get this new magazine every month with the latest and greatest in my industry and I wish that I could keep up with them, so it’s one of my goals this year to recycle all of the old articles by reading a magazine every couple of weeks and sharing with you the best news (may not be “new”) that I gain from doing so. This will most likely start after I finish Rubin’s book as I already have it sitting on my desk.

Emails and Blogs

  1. I’ve written about the email problem before. To add to it, I get emails on the regular from YogaFit, ACE, and MapMyRun that all contain amazingly great information. Again….I need to make time to read these things and to increase my knowledge base for myself as well as my students and clients.
  2. I have to admit….some of the blogs I read are for pure fun! And THANK YOU to those of you who write for that reason and who keep me entertained. However, I’m also starting to find my creativity in the meal planning to have waned, so I’ll need to click on recipes a little more often. I also subscribe to the NASM blog which presents me with some great professional information and Bad Yogi which is always providing me with a few ideas for my class.

So, that’s the plan….fill my brain full of knowledge, wisdom, entertainment, and get some work done.

How about you? What do you plan to read in 2017? What kinds of blogs do you subscribe to? How does your email situation look? Do you read for work or pleasure?

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