Currently February 2017

I’m not going to lie…..the last two weeks have been hard on a motivational scale. Weather didn’t help (it’s been up and down) and then my mom came to visit (she’s been a help with exercise in the past) and then there was cake (my oldest turned 6) and now it’s a cold (see past posts on exercise and sick).

Wow! That was the whiniest run on sentence!

So, what is going on with OGB these days? Well, lots of good things too….

  1. I haven’t given up my goals for this year of doing what I can (most people quit their NY Resolutions by the second week of February!)
  2. I am still posting weekly and hitting almost all of the types of posts I want to share (still nothing new on the food front, but that’s coming this month for sure)
  3. Work is moving along and I start teaching a new Mindful Meditations course tomorrow
  4. I miss running….which is a good sign that once I can breathe again I will be back to it
  5. I am traveling this month: Lookout OHIO!
  6. I have HIIT every week except this one (the whole breathing thing is a factor here as well)

What’s not so great in the world of OGB?

  1. Not sleeping enough due to a 3.5yo who doesn’t sleep in his own bed and sometimes pees in mine
  2. Head cold = missed workouts
  3. Had my yearly physical and my weight scared me (another post is coming on this topic all together and how different it is from my usual perspective on my weight)

Things you should do this month:

  1. Tell someone you love them on a day that’s not Valentine’s Day
  2. Research the 25th Amendment
  3. Sign up to follow Fit is a Feminist Issue (they’re so close to their goal!)

Tell me: What’s good, not so great, and something you recommend this month?

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