Meditation Monday #27 – What the world needs now….


You know that song “What the World Needs Now is Love” ? I feel like that song pertains to our country these days. So many negative things going on and yet we overlook the beauty of the things around us.

Last week I had a great meditation experience with my Yoga II class. We were working with Japa Meditation which is a form of meditation in which you repeat a mantra over and over again much like praying the rosary. I gave my students a few options including the one you see in the image above. They were very struck by the meaning of the Sanskrit mantra:

May all beings everywhere be peaceful, happy, and free and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to that happiness and freedom for all.

A few of my students have now even considered getting it tattooed on their beings to remind themselves of this journey they are on and how connected they are to the world around them. In yoga we believe that the words you put out into the world are either a positive or negative vibration….a pollution of sorts. What kind of words have you been using lately? Have you been polluting the world with your thoughts and your actions as well?

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and many people spent time cursing the other team, criticizing this or that. However, I felt the overall message of the coveted Super Bowl ads this year was the same message as the Sanskrit mantra above.

My students donated a ton of soup and stew this past week as well as part of the Nourish NC Souper Bowl initiative. It’s a program that tries to make sure that none of the children in our community goes hungry. I was proud to take all of that collected food to the Nourish NC headquarters and to share the drop off experience with my youngest on a rainy day.

This week my words, my thoughts, my actions are representative of the life I want to live….one of peace, happiness, and freedom. These are much like the principles this nation was founded on: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Maybe Yoga can “Make America Great Again”?



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