Meditation Monday #28 – Muscles Gotta Eat

I spent the weekend in Delaware, Ohio presenting the NETA PT Workshop to the fabulous people at Get Fit LLC. My room at the “Quality” Inn left much to be desired…..

Crooked lights, random things in my sink, a shower curtain that wasn't installed correctly the first time, a drain that fell apart, curtains that don't close around the heater....and VALUE!
Crooked lights, random things in my sink, a shower curtain that wasn’t installed correctly the first time, a drain that fell apart, curtains that don’t close around the heater….and VALUE!

Not only did I manage to book myself, essentially, in a trucker motel, but I overlooked the fact that there was no fitness center. This weekend was meant to be my slow foray back into working out after being ill the last two weeks. Instead I opted for my current HIIT routine and only had one person come up to the third floor to knock…..squat jumps are not 3rd floor friendly in a trucker motel.

Maybe we should have more fitness themed hotels?

My favorite statement from the weekend was “Muscles Gotta Eat” because they do….they eat carbs and protein and fat….they are what eats when we’re burning calories. But, more on that later….

I thought about writing today about Gratitude Meditation, but decided instead to go back to the Gates’ book. The Day 74 reading was the last one on Santosha and I felt I needed to explore that theme a little further today. However, I was disappointed. According to Gates, the answer to “WHY?” is because we’re born to. I get it…the answers are within and that’s why Gates finishes the day’s reading with

“Each step toward the light brings that much more peace to our hearts.”

As we age we understand, we mellow out a little, we realize that you cannot change others or your true nature, you cannot change time or genetics….BUT, sometimes “It’s just who I am” seems like a cop out!

I’m also currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. (more on that in a future Fave Reads Friday post) The Happiness Project is teaching me what I already know; how I am truly happy and that sometimes you have to let go of who you’ll never be in order to better be happy at who you are.

I’m never going to…..

Hm? What aspirations did I have that I no longer foresee in my future?

  • I still foresee the possibility of a PhD in and teaching full time at a college or university.
  • I still expect that I will finish my 200hr RYT and return to doing triathlons.
  • I still believe that I will travel overseas someday and get to zipline.

But, dreams of my youth (to be the first woman to play in the NBA) have long since vanished because they were not wholly my dream, but an idea built off of others dreams for me. Expectations of others is a whole other topic of meditation for another day.

Where I think this all goes wrong is if we let others choose to be less than they are…..

  • The person who gives up on school when it gets hard because they must not be smart enough.
  • The person who gives up on behavior change because they have no will power.
  • The person who is angry or unhappy all of the time because it’s just who they are….

These are choices you make…not how you are made…..although Muscles Gotta Eat? Remember that contentment is not the same as settling. So, I’m curious….

What’s something you’ve given up on?

Do you believe that you cannot change?

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