Workout Wednesday #4 – Beginners’ Yoga Sequence

So, this morning I did it…..I got up when I heard my kids up; I got ready; I committed to running before the rain; and I did it! Now it’s rainy and gloomy here and my body feels awful because I haven’t slept well and I’ve been terrible about exercise.

It’s been 5 weeks since my last run and I’ve only done 3 all year, but running is not my only measure of success. I’ve snuck in a few walks, I’ve been HIITing, and Yoga has been there for me A LOT lately!

For today I’m sharing with a you a video I made today, by request, of the yoga sequence that I did last week with my CFCC ConEd Beginner’s Yoga class. Ann and Kelly…’s to you! Enjoy!

No modifications are offered in this video, so remember that you should only work within the limits of what your body can reasonably do without being guided directly by an instructor. Hope you enjoy and Namaste!

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