Currently March 2017

I couldn’t write this post at the beginning of the month for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to do my Workout Wednesday post
  2. I needed to find out more information about my health before I knew where I stood

With that in mind, here’s a little about me in March and what this month will hold as far as Doing What I Can in 2017!


Did I mention that this is a travel weekend for me? I’m at UNCG this weekend teaching the new NETA Yoga Foundations course as part of the newly launched 200hr RYT. My group is a mix of students at UNCG and other people from around the area. I’ve even got one of my CFCC students in the mix! We’ve been having a nice time learning about the history of yoga, teaching techniques, and postures. I think one of my favorite parts of teaching yoga is spreading the practice through educating new teachers. A little Pay It Forward moment for me.

I am doing a lot of curriculum writing at the moment also. I can’t wait for my next book to get here and dig in!


Speaking of books….Gretchen Rubin’s book has been on hold since my last trip. It’s so good, but I just haven’t found the time to pick it up and read. Mostly this has been because my brain is moving on hyper-drive thanks to the Prednisone.


I continue to wait out this course of medication and will be headed to a rheumatologist soon to determine what comes next; if anything. Prednisone has decided to treat me just as poorly as everything else that’s happened with my health of late. I am agitated a lot; although I’m doing my YOGA best to keep it in perspective. I am hungry A LOT; but I’m trying to moderate my food intake to avoid the weight gain and possible diabetes that can be caused by overeating on Prednisone. I am not sleeping because my brain will not shut down and that has added to the agitation. Not eating when I am hungry is adding to the agitation as well.

However….my exercise has been tip top this week. I have been out moving every day in some way and that is making me feel optimistic about the final outcome of this whole situation. Monday I ran; Tuesday I HIIT and practiced yoga on my own; Wednesday was another run and Pilates and a bike ride with my little guy; Thursday was teaching all day; Friday was a walk at the park; and today I did a treadmill run after teaching.


And I’m back here! Thank goodness because I love writing and I love reading blogs of others. In fact….this was my favorite post I’ve read recently because it gave me a new way to modify Crow Pose for my students:

How to do Crow Pose & 3 Modifications


So, I’ll sign off on that note for today, but come back Monday to see what’s new in Meditations and Wednesday for an updated HIIT routine. I’ve also got some new recipes to share this next week as I am on

What are you doing this March?

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