Meditation Monday #30 – My Best Body: A Happiness Project

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project book this year. I haven’t quite finished it yet and that’s why you haven’t been privileged to a Fave Reads Friday post on the book yet. But, I thought that it was time for me to define my own Happiness Project. The book has been very inspiring in many ways and made me consider many aspects of my life and ways that I have chosen to live in regards to a yoga lifestyle. Yoga has helped me in my relationships, my professional career, my parenting, and with my mental and physical health. It’s help me define who I am and what I stand for. Now, after a weekend of teaching yoga, I have the ultimate goal of my own Happiness Project….MY BODY!

I spent the weekend teaching yoga to future instructors new and old. One of which is a current student of mine who really impressed me with her ability to create seamless flows after only one weekend workshop.

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While teaching this weekend I was also dealing with my health issues and added one more to the list: something was wrong with my urinary system. I won’t go into all of the details, but I did my best to power through with little complaining and woke up feeling slightly better this morning. It didn’t last long and I was resting on the couch with my little one after lunch. The rest also didn’t last long because my body started rebelling again and I had to get out of the house, walk around the yard, and let my mind slow down. Watering flowers brought be back to center and I’ve made it through the rest of the day okay so far.

As I was going through my day I had planned to go for a run. Last week I exercised every day and it seemed to help me mentally and physically get through each day. So, the plan was to continue the same this week. However, each moment took me further and further from my run. I am single parenting this week, so with no double jogger, I reached a point at which the run was out for the night. I thought about what I could do….what I needed to do….to make this body work for me.

This weekend as I taught I watched myself in the mirror. There were moments when I was proud of my flexibility, proud of my strength, and other moments at which I was disgusted with my shape, in pain, and depressed. I decided to come home and meditate….I can exercise in the morning before my haircut, but for today I needed mental training. I needed to affirm the good things in my mind through repetition of a mantra: “I AM” has been a good one for me this week because it lacks judgment. I needed to consider what it would mean for me to have my best body. I came up with three components

  1. To be in good health and not currently fighting minor nor chronic disease
  2. To be in good strength to carry me through each day physically meeting the challenges of training and teaching as well as keeping up with my children
  3. To be in good shape so that as I move I feel comfortable in my skin

Why did I choose to focus on my body for my happiness project? Because my body can be a sense of joy and expression for me, but it hasn’t been of late. I have a hole in my leg where the cyst is coming out. I have hives that keep recurring. I have other things going on in my head that cloud and race my thoughts. My body is my wholeness and currently I feel fragmented in parts.

I read this recently and it helped me to settle on this project:

Exercise and Staying in my Body

The ladies over at Fit is a Feminist Issue always seem to know what I need to read!

So, in addition to my 2017 goal of DOING WHAT I CAN, I am also taking on my own happiness project. I spent today considering what that meant to me in meditation and I will continue to delve deeper into what this project will entail as I go. For now I ask:

What does your body mean to you?

How would you measure your best body?

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