New Foods

We’re now on the backside of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. It’s something that I think a lot of people I know struggle with from time to time and I thought it pertinent to mention. Also of importance is this great post I read over the weekend:

I was looking at my calendar the other day and planning out meals through the end of March and into April. I like to rotate things, especially our staples: Mexican food, something grilled, something seafood, something pasta, and breakfast for dinner. We usually eat something from each category each week because I try to bring a balance of what my kids will already eat to exposing them to a little something new and also a dash of what I WANT from time to time.

When you’re a new mom you have all of these great plans for how you’re going to make your own baby food and serve everything NonGMO and Organic. We do a lot of that and I did make my own baby food….for the most part. But, we still have Doritos sitting on top of the fridge (although, check these out!). chipsWe still eat dessert more than once a week. My kids eat both frozen and delivery pizza at least once a month. And sometimes we eat far more meat than I would like.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on food you know that I don’t take a strict approach to food in general. I’m more about variety and trying to get as much REAL food in as possible. I like to cook and to bake and to make things at home so that I know what’s in it, but that’s not always realistic in our world. I’m also a modern mom in the sense that we have “activities” and “play dates” that sometimes mean eating out for lunch (usually Chipotle, Moe’s, Panera, or Firehouse Subs). My kids are pretty good eaters (better than me sometimes), but the small perfectionist side of me still wishes we could do better.

We devoured this with mini pretzels and apples!

So, from time to time I sneak in something new. Here’s the meal we’re going to try this month and here’s a dessert that we already did try and it was AMAZING! Like I said before….Mindful Moderation and Balance!

Other great food I’ve already eaten….last weekend when I was at UNCG I had the Dawali Plate at Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli. And I’m so looking forward to going back to ROOT31 for the Beets and Sweets Salad later this month.

But, here’s another call out to the masses….what have you seen lately that’s making your mouth water? I want something new to try that my kids might love. Oh, and next month….lookout for this delightful dish to make it on to the menu!

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