Meditation Monday #31 – Finding Inspiration for Discipline Everywhere

Yesterday was National Plant a Flower Day….and although I couldn’t plant anything new because of the weather…this tulip persisted!

Happy Monday All! Today is a good one! I made some decisions last week regarding MY BEST BODY Happiness Project and all of the pieces are falling in line. I hope that you find the time to go back and read more about this project and enjoy the process this week and beyond.

Today I decided to get back on the Gate’s book and opened to Day 75 where he was covering Tapas. Tapas is the Niyama of Discipline and the perfect one for me to be working with at this stage in my process. One of my least favorite things I hear as a trainer is, “I have no self-discipline (or willpower is sometimes inserted instead).” What? Did you think this was something that was handed out in the delivery room and your mom forgot to pick it up? Did you drop yours along the way of life? NO! Self-discipline is cultivated within you. The root word of Discipline is Disciple. A disciple is a follower. So, in order to create discipline, you must follow the path you want to ultimately live on.

Rubin (p.289) considers the idea of control as an essential element of happiness. The ability to choose and make choices is something that religion often refers to as the greatest gift bestowed upon humans by their creator. But, oh how we waste that ability some times. In the study of the Chakras our third chakra is the one that gives us power….power to choose. It asks us what we stand for and to learn when to speak up and when to let others have the floor. Power over others is another crucial aspect to the third chakra and asks us to be moderate in how we use our powers including our sexual energies (also discussed in Brahmacarya in the 8 Limb Path). Rubin ultimately decides that control and happiness is really about using what you’ve got to appreciate what you’ve got; making choices of what to do with your life in order to live the best and happiest life you can.

Tapas is simply an enthusiasm for health. ~ Gates p. 100

Often when we talk about creating discipline within our lives we consider things like setting goals, rules, or resolutions. I’ve done a little of all three in the past and I’ll do a little more in the coming days/months. Rubin (p.288) makes the argument for resolutions over goals or rules because “You hit a goal, you keep a resolution.” She notes that expectations are different because you’re not working toward an endpoint, but rather a continuation of how you want to live. This is important for me moving forward with my Happiness Project because I need to make some serious life changes. They may not seem so serious to others and it may not be visible from the outside, but my body needs me to make these changes and I plan to do so in a slow and deliberate manner. I resolve to make these changes….to create discipline and follow the path that I want to live.

One of Rubin’s Commandments that she uses is “Be Gretchen”. It’s really the first rule of all yoga practice as well. So, in my progression I will remember to BE ME just as I used the mantra I AM. In the Day 75 reading Gates also talks about his 3 pillars of practice: gratitude, sense of wonder, and respect. It was almost ironic that I read this today as I was talking with my 6yo on the way to school today about living a good life. I told him that he needed three things each day to have a good life:

  • Work hard
  • Have fun
  • Learn something new

I think these are my three pillars and maybe even some of my process of discipline.

Gates ends the reading with several questions:

At what level are you motivated? p.101

This reminded me of one more source of inspiration this week from Mommy Shorts:

As opposed to big lofty goals that I won’t keep, I’m making 6 small changes. Like instead of exercising, I’m just promising to buy new sneakers.

Source: Saying Yes to 5 Small Changes

Come back tomorrow to see how I plan to track this journey.

What are your sources of inspiration?

How are you on discipline?


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