March 15th – Official Start Date of the MY BEST BODY Happiness Project

Today is the day!

Instead of a Workout Wednesday post this week I have chosen to start MY BEST BODY Happiness Project today. You’ll see Happiness Project and MY BEST BODY tags pop up a lot from now until my birthday in September. I’m giving myself 6 months to work on this in preparation of turning 37. Why not? 37 is just as special as any other year, but this year is mine….my special time to focus on one nagging task that has eluded structure; one problem that has gone unresolved; one body that just hasn’t been at its best.

I chose to start on the 15th of the month because it was a convenient marker that every month has…and it wasn’t too far away from when I started considering taking on this project. Each month check back in to see what I have worked on and what I will be working on next in order to attain MY BEST BODY. You can read here about what I’ve decided for Mar-Apr.

Each month I will try to align my project with a few questions. Here are mine for this month:

  • What am I doing for health to spend out? This month I am spending out by buying the food that I want. I am choosing based on quality and not just cost or quantity.
  • How am I honoring abundance? I am choosing to track the days that I feel great and to try to fill my days with movement. Recognizing that each day is the only time I will be this way.
  • Who is my guide? I was inspired this month by Ilana Wiles at MommyShorts to do 5 simple things that don’t turn my whole world upside down, but that make the difference for me.
  • What is it about control? I am choosing what is right for me and creating self-discipline in my practice.
  • Am I being me/Is this for anyone else? I have a lot to say about this one tomorrow in my TOLT post.
  • Are these resolutions or goals? These are ways I resolve to live my life and not a defined goal with an end point.
  • How does this create perpetual growth? It’s going to make me consider each day who I am and who I choose to be through my actions, my feelings, and what choices are right for me to be healthy.

What will my first face be…..? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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