TOLT #58 – What is your Tendency?

Hello Thursday and THANK YOU to Amanda for hosting another TOLT! If you’ve been reading the blog the last two weeks you already know about MY BEST BODY Happiness Project. In my reading of Gretchen Rubin’s book I came across mention of the Happiness Toolbox and so, intrigued, I attempted to visit the site. The book is a few years old, so the site had changed and kind of been dismantled. However, Rubin is publishing a new book called The Four Tendencies and recently posted about it here:

She offers a link to her quiz to tell you which of the four tendencies you fall into. I took the quiz and found that I am an OBLIGER: Meets outer expectations/Resists inner expectations. as-you-wishBasically, I’m really good at following the rules, but find it hard to do things that benefit myself. I’m better at taking care of others than myself. This is evidenced in my resolutions I’ve made over the years. Often when it’s something centered on benefiting me (either primarily or only) I put it to the back burner and focus on the things that benefit the whole. In some ways this is very “YOGA” of me, but the words of a long ago Dr. Phil episode still linger in my ears You can’t fill other people’s tanks if yours is empty. (or something of that nature)
One of the keys to success offered up by the quiz is to have external accountability in achieving a change. Wow! That’s definitely something I need. I’ve blogged before about walking with friends and the sadness that I have from lack of a true workout partner. Just Tuesday my friend mentioned the women that she runs with on Saturday mornings. However, she’s across town and I am often gone on the weekends. I am going to have to take time to ponder how to create a sufficient support network on this journey and to remember that I want this for me and that’s okay.
What is your Tendency? Do you think your results are an accurate representation of your tendencies in making decisions?

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