This is a call out to the TOLT tribe. A fellow blogger posted this earlier this week:

I’ve mentioned a few times we have a loved one in peril.

My stepdaughter said it would be okay to talk about her daughter.

In December, we welcomed a new granddaughter and got to rejoice for about an hour before learning that McKinlee was gravely ill. She was born with a congenital heart defect. McKinlee’s had more surgeries in 3 months than most people have in a life time. Hell, she had more surgeries in her first month of life than most people have in a life time.

She keeps kicking ass and continues to surprise us with her resilience. We continue to celebrate her life one day at a time and we are hoping, so very hard, that one day we won’t have to count her days as “one day at a time” and can just see her future as bright and, well…there.

Randy’s daughter lives a few states away, so Randy has packed his bags on two different occasions to spend time with Madelyn, McKinlee’s older sister. In this situation, silver linings are hard to find, but if there is one, then it is that Randy got to spend weeks with his granddaughter. He is grateful for this time and he misses her.

My stepdaughter didn’t return to work as she spends every spare moment at the hospital. When McKinlee comes home, she will require 24 hour care, so returning to work isn’t in the cards for her for quite a while.

This disruption in income was unexpected for my stepdaughter and her family.They are feeling the sting. This is an understatement. Randy and I are starting a Gofundme campaign to try to raise a few bucks to help keep their bills caught up.

So, on Thursday when I post the link, if you are comfortable with sharing, could you guys promote it on your social media pages? I would appreciate that so much.

I encourage you to pop over to Michelle’s page today and help out with their Gofundme page if you can. It’s a good thing to do on a Thursday.


Thank you to Amanda for hosting the link-up!

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