Happiness Project Month 2: Strength – My Second Big Truth

For me and my body I first wanted to focus on health because of all that has gone on with my body in the first few months of this year. Now that I have resolved a few things with my health:

  • The cyst is out and my leg is still healing
  • The final lupus tests were negative
  • No cavities at my dental check-up
  • I’m still as blind as I’ve always been per my eye exam
  • I have had enough blood drawn this month to create a new human

…it’s time to move on to the second major part of my happiness project: Strength.

Strength is something that I’ve resolved to work on in the past and I do see myself as stronger and better at keeping up with things….including resolutions. But now I want to tackle physical strength. I had a great week of training back in the beginning of March where I worked out almost every day for a week. This is a real struggle for me as I’ve documented since starting this blog….consistency. So, as part of my initiative last month I said I would MOVE ….everyday. Now I plan to turn Physical Activity into Exercise and build Strength. So, here’s a quick lesson on the Principles of Training that will matter to this part of my Happiness Project: MY BEST BODY!


Let’s start with the SAID principle outlined here. First thing is first….you have to train for what you want. So, what do I want? I want to be able to do push-ups….regular ones….without fatigue for at least 25 great repetitions. How have I started to train for this? By doing push-ups of various sorts, but I want to get better, so I’ve started to push myself a little harder in this realm by doing more in yoga with Chaturanga and by doing longer intervals of push-ups in my HIIT workouts. What else do I want to be stronger at physically? SO MANY THINGS! I am going to be adjusting my HIIT workout again soon to reflect those exact areas.

Progressive Overload

I have to add on more over time in order to get stronger. That means that my HIIT intervals need to get longer and there should be more rounds over time. I may need to add weight to some exercises as well in order to stress the body and create adaptations.

Variation and Periodization

It’s important to change it up from time to time. Not to confuse the muscles as some trainers will tout, but rather to maintain that progressive overload and interest of the exerciser. I can’t run the same route every day without getting bored, but I also can’t change routes every day and expect to see major progress. So, my HIIT gets altered from time to time and now I’ve added in a Pilates day each week. But, there’s always room to add more and to change things up. How often? As I’ve said in the past….no sooner than ever 4-6 weeks as adaptations show.


I’ve talked about this one before as well. And I think the graphic says it all. I have to be CONSISTENT and to make sure that I don’t slide backward along the way. How do I do this? Well, last month I did a health journal to track what in my health was keeping me from getting life done. I had very few days with frowny faces and mostly that was due to fatigue. This month I have to make sure that it stays with even fewer or at least no more of these types of days. Instead of drawing the smiley faces into my journal this month I will track my actual training. I will still be marking my runs and walks into MapMyRun, but as I said on Wednesday, I don’t always put in all of the other things. I want to make sure that there’s something marked down in the journal for all five days of M-F and  bonus points for weekends. This is going to grow to more than just the HIIT once a week, run three times per week, Pilates once a week, and Yoga for teaching. I’m going to outline more strength based exercise challenges to meet each week for myself.

How is your happiness?

Your health?

Your strength?

Your body?

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