Meditation Monday #35 – How to Meditate: The Four Aims of Life (Kama)

It’s Easter Monday….for some of us…..and it’s always bittersweet in my mind. The joy of the holiday still resonates with me: time spent with my children, good food with family and friends, and beautiful weather. However, it’s over and now it’s back to daily life. Today was my son’s first day back from Spring Break and it didn’t go horribly, but not exactly smooth either. I believe the phrase, “I don’t HAVE to go to school” was uttered, but was quickly corrected.

Do you ever have something that you don’t want to do?

Well, that’s kind of our topic for today’s meditation: Kama = Pleasure.

You may ask yourself…what does pleasure have to do with yoga or the Purusharthas? Well, a lot. Think about the first aim of life that we discussed: Dharma or Duty. How many of you find happiness in what you do? If you do not, why? Are you truly serving your calling? Do you have the resources (Artha) to do your job successfully?

In asking these questions we are considering pleasure. Pleasure can be desire and sensuality as well as the things that bring us joy and where we find beauty in life. Teaching gives me joy because I see the way that it changes lives. I get this same joy from watching my children grown and from completing tasks that challenge me in life. If you choose to work toward what makes you happy then the work itself become more pleasurable. If you have the tools to be good at your work it also becomes more enjoyable.

There are many levels of pleasure in life from enjoying a delicious salad to winning a race to finding your heart filled and yet open. In your meditation ask:

  • What brings me pleasure?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Am I enjoying life?
  • Are my pleasures leading me toward or away from my Dharma?

Pleasure is part of your second chakra and close to our most basic primal needs.

Are you happy?

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