Workout Wednesday #9 – Yoga Prop: The Wall

Do you know what a yoga prop is? It’s a tool that allows you to do your yoga better or differently. For most people practicing yoga involves a mat, music, and the occasional instructor. Other yoga props that people may be more familiar with include:

Some people are scared to use props because they think that it’s not “REAL YOGA” or that it makes them look weak. Not true! Props are essential for some people and may be the only way for them to experience yoga at all (think Chair Yoga). These props are great, but even more important thank all of the others (for some participants) is the WALL!

And, as always….

While I am a fitness professional with multiple degrees and certifications, this workout is unsolicited, un-sponsored, and not intended as advice for you to use to diagnose your own injuries, treat them, nor rehab anything; nor is it an exercise prescription that will meet your personal needs, likes, and abilities. Please check in with your healthcare professional if you’re having health problems and before starting any new exercise routine.

Just curious…

Have you tried props yet in your practice?

Why or why not?

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