13 Years of Yoga – My Life Changing Moment – TOLT #62

Last year in April I set out to write about my yoga journey. I intend to keep updating that each year and as of now I have been doing yoga, off and on, for 13 years. It doesn’t mean that I have been living my yoga throughout that whole time, but living yoga is a process, just like much of life.

I intended last week to publish a Currently post, a Workout Wednesday post, and then end on Thursday with my 13 Years of Yoga post. But, something happened on that Tuesday afternoon that changed my life. I was in a car accident that totaled my car.

I was driving to pick up my oldest from Kindergarten, with my youngest in the back seat, when my brakes failed. I do not know how fast the car was traveling when it stopped, but before I turned off the cruise control we were traveling at 55mph. We slammed into the back of a stopped car and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

For the last week and a half I have seen the back of that car flying at me every time I close my eyes. I watch the airbags come up so quickly, yet so slowly. I feel it hit me in the face and toss me around. I feel the air knocked out of me and the panic take over as I jump out of the car trying to figure out what to do next; as I pull my youngest out of the back seat and rush him to the side of the road away from it all. I still see and feel it all.

I had to get into a car to drive the very next day and it’s been hard and slow going since. I feel distracted by paying attention to my full surroundings. It’s one time that I wish my mindfulness would let me be and let me relax. No one was seriously hurt in this accident, but it still changed me in a profound way.

My yoga practice over the last year has helped me grow in so many ways. I am better at listening to my body; I am performing poses better and with more strength, stability, and focus; my meditation is deeper and more purposeful with better outcomes. My yoga this year has been enhanced by the depth of connection to my students (especially my Yoga II group this spring) and the other community of yogis that I have connected with this past year.

In 13 years of yoga this has been my best and most committed. Through writing on the blog and reading Bad Yogi and other blogs where people share their yoga journeys; through my practice with Meditations from the Mat and teaching more of the tenets of yoga; through the curriculum writing for NETA’s new 200hr RYT and through listening to my students as they too travel the yoga path…..this year has been a yoga blessing in disguise.

It has been this connection that has led me through my best year of yoga and at the end of June I will be leaving my teaching for the City of Wilmington due to a change in structure at the organization. In August I will teach my last yoga class for CFCC for awhile as I move on to a new venture at UNCW (more about that later). My yoga practice will change this year….year 14….but I know it will stay strong. My accident affirmed for me what I know about myself:

I am stronger than what happens to me in life. I am only one, but an important part, of all that is bigger in the world. My yoga has served me well and will continue to be a guiding factor in my life.

Thank you for continuing this adventure with me and Thank You to Amanda for an open space to share each week! For the next 4 weeks I’ll be sharing some of my Yoga II student’s journeys on Thursday posts. I hope you’ll join us in practice & life.


4 thoughts on “13 Years of Yoga – My Life Changing Moment – TOLT #62

    1. Kimberly,
      Thank you for stopping by. I think that anyone that attempts to live the best life they can through yoga or otherwise is an inspiration to us all. It takes dedication to be your best and your yoga best. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey as well!


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