My Yoga Story – Guest Post

My first exposure of Yoga ever was Yoga 1 at Cape Fear. Obviously I had little exposure, but I knew there were crazy poses that I thought would increase my flexibility. Initially, I took yoga because I was going to have a hard semester and I needed an extra credit hour. Unknowingly, I would find one of my new passions.

Beginning yoga, we were taught how to breathe. We were taught how to meditate, which I was awful at first. I did not quite understand how to do it until I started researching it on my own time. I like to understand the science to things, which is what really drew me to mediation once I started my research.

There are scientific studies showing the positive effects of meditation. It can actually physically change your mind. It is proven to reduce stress, improve clarity, helps your figure things out, and depending on the meditation, it can help you find bravery in yourself, realize your goals, and just like that, it did for me.

Beginning daily meditation and practicing yoga more often, I began to notice a change in myself. Not only was my anxiety getting better, but overall I was becoming a better me. I was being more mindful, focusing on the things I need to improve. When I first learned about chakras, I was like “hm.. not sure how much I believe this”, but the principal of it is something that I think everyone could use. Beginning with the root chakra, all the way up to the seventh one, helps you realize the things in your live that need fine tuning. Sometimes, one chakra could be excessively open or closed. My throat chakra needed work. I needed to start voicing things more, I needed to speak up when I was upset about something instead of holding it in and dwelling. Which is another thing I learned from yoga, you cannot hoard bad thoughts and negativity. Yoga has taught me and is still teaching me more and more about myself. That is why I will continue to practice more and more. With my meditation, my poses, and realizing more about myself. Yoga is helping me learn who me is, and the me I want to be.

This was the second in the series of posts shared by my students on their yoga experience. I greatly appreciate this student’s willingness to share her journey and another great Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.

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