My Yoga Journey – Guest Post

My yoga journey…

A little over a year ago, I was recommended by my coach to tried out the yoga class, and I fell in love with it right away. I took the Yoga I last summer and it had changed my daily activity since then. I am active person and I love working out, so I am very glad that I choose to take the yoga class because of my active life. Because we did a lot of different pose in yoga class, so it helped me a lot with my soreness. After my Yoga I class ended, I continued to do the Sun Salutations every morning, to wake myself and my body up to get my day going.

I am taking Yoga II this semester and I would say I understand much more about the concept of the yoga. Yoga is not just about doing the pose, but it is also about teaching people how to react and live their lives in a certain way. Upon taking Yoga II class, I started to see and understand many things that had happened in my life in a different way. Just about two weeks ago in Yoga II class, we were discussing and talking about forgiveness, and why we should forgive certain people when they do not seem to deserve our forgiveness. We are doing this for ourselves.  We need to at least try and forgive those people because we need to let them go, so that we can be free from those hateful feeling and live our own life peacefully.

Upon taking Yoga I and II class with AmberLynn, I have learned so much about yogi life. Long before when I was in high school, I always had an anger issue and I tended to get mad easily at people when things did not go my way. I would say I had changed a lot since I took Yoga I and II classes. I seem to be very much calmer than I used to compare to a few years back. After this yoga class end, I am planning to take some yoga class at Uni if they offer classes over there, or maybe I will just sign up at some local yoga studio around here if I have enough money to pay. But I don’t think I will stop taking yoga class very soon, because yoga did not just improve my mobility, flexibility, and strength, but it also taught me how to become a positive person and, live a peaceful life.

This was the third in the series of posts shared by my students on their yoga experience; the last of which will appear next week. I am always impressed by the ability of my students to share, honestly, their journey and another great Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.


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