A Yoga Story by Kody – Guest Post

So to start this off let me add some details of how I became to take yoga I. I have always been the type of student who seems to take too many credits and then get overwhelmed. The fall semester of 2016 I decided to take 17 credit hours and my advisor mentioned that it may get stressful. So my thinking was I could find an easy class to take away my stress. Well I was looking for an easy/less stressful class. Under the physical educational section it listed Yoga I. I thought to myself that only women take yoga and I would not be welcomed in. At first I was accepting that this class could not be my stress reliever. Somehow I overcame that fear and said I will try it. I walked in on the first day of class and saw 2 other gentlemen and instantly was at peace with taking Yoga I. I did not know anything about yoga nor had I ever thought I would enjoy it. After taking yoga I, I can proudly say that I’m becoming a yogi as I keep going deeper with my practice.

At first I was really stressed with my classes and struggled with worrying about quizzes and tests. However, right before I take a quiz or a test, I tried something new. I would sit there and meditate and become confident before attempting the quiz or test. Then I dove in and completed it. I notice a night and day difference in just my calmness as well as my grades. The outcome was phenomenal so I made a promise to myself that every quiz or test from here on out I’m going to mediate before taking it to calm down.

I have always had a horrible sleep schedule and noticed when taking 17 credit hours it felt like I was constantly up past 1 am. While taking yoga I noticed that I was getting tired around the time I should be instead of staying up late every night. I can actually get a full 8 hours of sleep instead of the 6 hours of sleep I use to get. This may not seem like a change but I also noticed a change in myself, I had more energy! The day felt longer and I had more energy to get things done.

When we learned the chakras I instantly took into account that I needed to work on getting mine aligned. I know can say I have a better alignment on them then I did beforehand. I do not really think that my chakras are completely aligned but they are much better, and it is personal to me. The fact that I have opened my eyes to certain things about me and shed some light on my strengths and weaknesses is truly amazing.

When we hit the different types of yoga, I incorporated it into my own style. I wake up and instantly do some stretching and then do 10 sun salutations and then I mediate for 20 minutes on what I need to do today and how to make my day better than yesterday. This helps me tackle what I have planned and helps me keep short hand goals on target. I noticed that by incorporating this I am more of a morning person to others, rather than being rude and not talking, I will talk your ear off. It also wake me up really well, gets my blood flowing and feeling good to take on the day. Now I know that by just these little things you may not think it’s wonderful, but to me I feel better doing it my way, it is my yoga.

When we entered yoga II it was even more of an eye opener, we went in depth with hitting the each chakra more in detail and also hitting all of the aims of life. It was crazy to see how certain poses opened up unknown strengths and even on some days the weaknesses of not being able to do those poses. Throwing in a bit of vinyasa and hot yoga along with deep relaxation, it was a wicked fun semester going into detail and hitting lots of points on these types of yoga. I now try to do a faster paced yoga session once a week to get my blood flowing and heart pumping. I told myself that I would maybe drop a few pounds and I actually dropped 10 lbs. by kicking it up a notch and testing my limits.

As I enter the last week of yoga II I look back and could not believe on how far I have become. I can do poses now where back then I did not think I’d ever be able to. Some of the poses I need help on getting them correct but for the most part I would say I am ready to hit up a studio and try another class.

As for my future goals, I set kind of 2 goals. One of them is to keep pursuing my own practicing of yoga and to keep pushing myself to those limits. And the other goal is to try out a class and become an avid member. Hopefully I will survive it and fit in. Thank you Mrs. P for teaching me yoga!

This is the fourth and final post in the series of stories shared by my students on their yoga experience. As the only male student to complete both of my yoga courses, I am in awe of his talent, commitment, and insight. And, Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.

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