Fave Reads Friday #9 – Quitting a book

Have you ever started to read a book and then decided that it wasn’t for you? That was me over the last week-ish. I decided to check out the first book (alphabetically by title) on my library saved list:

Cover: Are Women Human? in PAPERBACK

The book must have come from another book I read previously, but I don’t remember where it was cited from. Sometimes references for one book lead me into a whole new book that I thoroughly enjoy….this was not one of those times. Instead, I should label this post as Least Fave Read because I gave it up after 7 days. I tried and I tried to get into the material; to no avail.

The book discusses some very interesting topics, or rather, interesting to me in theory (including theory). However, I don’t particularly care to read about rape, torture, and other social injustices perpetrated on women….because they are women. These are real issues for which I care very much about fighting against, but not something I can stomach reading about in graphic detail.

Some people may say that by not continuing to read the book or by denying the language and depiction of the crimes in the book that I’m turning a blind eye to the injustices and allowing them to continue to go unnoticed. But, I’m not. I still think it’s wrong that in North Carolina, where I currently live, a woman doesn’t have the ability to rescind consent once a sexual act has begun. It’s not considered rape at that point because she consented at the start. I do believe that it’s wrong and a violation of a HUMAN’s right to change their mind (male or female).

I just find that reading about it doesn’t best serve me as a way of educating myself or acting on behalf of change. I would much rather put my time and effort into supporting change through educating others, and educating myself on ways that I can make change to the way that women are treated locally and internationally. Women are human, although most states (not states like United States) do not necessarily define them as such.

For example, look at our own constitution as originally written….and then consider the people in our government who have chosen to use that as our example of what it means to “Make America Great Again”. Is restriction of rights what makes our country great? If so, that explains the current travel ban being enforced along with all of the other negative things that may happen if we continue to consider some of our fellow human beings to be less than ourselves.

At the beginning of each semester of yoga I teach about the history of yoga….the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. There were whole factions of yogis who felt they could only reach enlightenment through violating young women. This too was because the practice was begun by and limited to men for thousands of years. I am the kind of feminist that believes that men and women were created equal in their dignity and deserving of rights. Yoga was not deemed safe for women until the 1920’s, yet now women dominate the practice in this country.

We may not be physically built the same, but we are all human. Our differences matter just as much as they don’t. And, because of this, I still speak out against indifference to exclusion, but still chose to read a different book.

Have you ever found a book that didn’t fit you?

What are you reading now?

Any thoughts on the state of our nation?

Treatment of women locally or world wide?

2 thoughts on “Fave Reads Friday #9 – Quitting a book

  1. Uuuuughhh yes! I Must stop picking books based on their tantalizing descriptions. I’m totally taken in by promises of betrayal, passion, war! But they are always total shit. Must bring myself to select books promising slow neighborhoods in the dust bowl where the hero finds a spoon and learns a valuable lesson.


    1. I have so many books on my to read list that I have either found in other books or scanned the back cover and added….we’ll see what happens. However, the one I’ve chosen right now seems a little bit more my style. What is your favorite book?

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