TOLT #63 – Unsubscribing

I think I’ve finally solved my email issue….I’ve learned to hit unsubscribe. Just this morning…Highlights magazine….unsubscribe. This afternoon….Inside Hook Nation…unsubscribe……some random realtor….unsubscribe. It’s something I’m considering in regards to blogs as well. I have a few that show up in my reader that I just keep scrolling past. Why? Because I never get responses to my comments or their content seems to be going in a direction that no longer interests me.

Jen at Chase the Red Grape had a great post last week that prompted me to want to hit delete on a few blogs that I follow. I think that writing a blog means that you’re opening your ideas up for discussion. At least that’s the type of community I have always wanted to create with this blog….the kind where all voices (minus spammers) are welcome to share their opinion….even if it doesn’t jive with mine.

So, I’m cutting back on the amount of emails I will have to sort through (no more just delete….now unsubscribe). I am cutting back on the blogs that I will be reading (because I want to find more people to add to my tribe). And I”m doing one more thing……recycling magazines! I read a short story on NBC News this morning about Iowan author Trent Hamm and his take on making your hobbies not drown you financially. I’m down to one magazine that I get once every two months, but I also get quite a few “newsletters” in my inbox. All of these are encouraging me to spend and I don’t need to at this time.

I don’t need to spend my time, my energy, or my money at this time. I need to make more time for things that make me feel accomplished and seeing 400+ unread emails does exactly the opposite of that.

What do you need to unsubscribe to?

Thanks to Amanda for the space to ramble today!

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