TOLT #64 – Blogiversary

I’ve actually been writing the One Girl Breathing blog since January 2, 2014. I was inspired to start a blog by my need to do something and reading Jenny at The Bloggess and Kristen’s Iowa Girl Eats blog. I then started reading other food blogs and found out that I could start my own fitness blog for free with Blogger. After that I transitioned to hosting my own site, because I read that that’s what all good bloggers did. I did it for a year, trying to take myself and the blog world a little more seriously.

What I learned through that experience (and from all of the other blogs that I used to read but whom many of them quit writing) was that blogging is a space for shared interest. I, a natural teacher, like to share what I know and what I learn about yoga, fitness, etc. I am on a journey (as we all are) through life and I like to share that with others in the hope that they too will share back. I have 14 followers between WordPress and Email. I’m proud of that small following and imagine that each one of you reads along feeling included in the story.

I came to WordPress last year on this date when I decided to give up spending the money on a blog and to just keep writing for the sake of writing. I’m terrible at keeping to a schedule and, like Lloyd Dobler:

So, today is the 1 year Blogiversary of the official site. All natural, never artificial and one breath at a time….Thanks for being here!

I’d love for you to share your blog stories today. How did you become a blogger? How long have you been at it? What kinds of blogs do you read?

If you’re one of the OGB followers, what brought you here? What is your story?

And a special THANK YOU to Amanda for hosting one of my favorite blogs and link-ups!

2 thoughts on “TOLT #64 – Blogiversary

  1. happy anniversary to you. I started another blog before that I kept private and then one day, I took the plunge, started a new one and shared it with the world and my life hasn’t been the same since then. No regrets! I did the same thing with my YouTube channel. No regrets there either.


    1. Thank you! I have just been plugging away at it and mostly share with my workshop participants and students. My friends IRL know about my blog, but tend to talk directly with me, although most of them are not that into yoga. It’s a process, building a blog, and all I’ve got in life is time. 😁


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