Workout Wednesday #11 – Sun Salutations

I bet you thought I forgot about you….I haven’t, but I have missed “chatting” with you this week. I promise more to come! But, for today, let’s workout…

You may or may not remember a long time ago on the blog when I started talking about wanting to do a Spartan Race some day. I was attempting to do Burpees. Well, Sun Salutations are the Burpees of the Yoga World (something I say a lot). (You can click that post to see a graphic of the Sun Salutation I teach here.) So today, for your viewing pleasure….Sun Salutations!

Check out Traci’s 108 Sun Salutation post here!

While I am a fitness professional with multiple degrees and certifications, this workout is unsolicited, un-sponsored, and not intended as advice for you to use to diagnose your own injuries, treat them, nor rehab anything; nor is it an exercise prescription that will meet your personal needs, likes, and abilities. Please check in with your healthcare professional if you’re having health problems and before starting any new exercise routine.

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