My Body; My Mind

Another check in for MY BEST BODY challenge! It’s now the end of August and the start of the final month of this HAPPINESS PROJECT. At this point I can report……

  • That I am currently not battling any major or minor illnesses. My allergies are kicking up (as it seems happens at any time of year here in Wilmington), but overall doing well.
  • I am prepped for my race this weekend and have logged the most miles in a month for 2017 already in August (come back next Wednesday for a race report). I have had no injuries this year (knock on wood) and, despite my shoes being old, have great confidence in meeting my goal while still keeping up with my students’ training.
  • My overall perspective of how my body moves has changed. Through changes in my eating and exercise plans I have lost a little weight (even though it wasn’t the goal) and changed the shape of my body and the way it moves. But….I do find myself constantly saying this one phrase…NOT BAD FOR….

And because of that last statement, I feel that there’s another aspect of my body in all of this that I’ve neglected to directly focus on: My Mind.

So, this last month you’ll see a lot more posts focused on the idea of how my body is seen by my mind and how my mind controls my body (starting tomorrow). In Yoga we differentiate out the mind, the body, and the soul/spirit but plan to integrate each. For some people the mind is something less tangible and for others it resonates directly as the brain itself.

For me it’s a combination of the two and the ways in which I am making my mind part of my best body include:

  1. Meditation
  2. Reading
  3. Striving for perpetual growth
  4. Focusing on Being ME

I am not quite sure what all of that looks like, but this month you’ll see a lot more posting as we head toward my birthday. And each post will bring me a little closer to understanding what the final outcome of this BEST BODY project was all about.

What is your mind telling you about yourself? Your body? How do you cultivate your best mind?

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