Needing to Get Better – Blog Changes

So, for those of you who follow the blog you may have noticed that I’m posting a little less and a little less each week. Well, that part of the blog is going to be changing because I need to post a few things here to keep me going in the direction that I want to. But posting more is not the only change. The content is taking a little detour as well. Why? Because I need to get better again. I have found myself in a not so unfamiliar place of “blah”. It might be depression (although I still really want to do the things I love like writing on the blog and running and being with friends). It might be stress (I have a tendency to take on more than I should). It might be just that season (Fall often causes reflection in my soul….especially because that’s when my birthday happens). It may be something completely different and undefined.

Whatever it is, I’ve decided to do a series of posts in which I journal a book. This is something I do on my own and then usually try to condense everything that I learn and experience into one or two posts. This time, I need more. I’ve been trying to read Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before, but every time I start I put the book down at the same spot…..because I want to journal…..but I fail to journal. I have three weeks left on my library loan and I plan to sit down as often as I can and journal my experience with this book.

It’s a lot like how my semesters used to go with teaching yoga. Each week I’d come in and teach a new topic to them, but a refresher for myself. It invigorated me and taught me something new about who I was that week. I have been trying to work with the Gates’ book, but I am not as connected to it as I once was. I need something different and I need to explore these questions with you. Many of my readers are my former students and I love to speak to and with you….in commune of the yoga spirit….to share growth and ideas. I hope that these next few weeks will be that breath of fresh air that I’ve been missing.

So, come back tomorrow for some questions, some thought, some insight….

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